Previously, on SGA: Cause for Alarm in Calvert Hall


This covers the meeting on Nov. 11.


Judicial Chair Mia Quintanilla expressed concern over a recent COVID-19 test she had. According to Judicial Chair Quintanilla, her swab for the test was about the size of her pinky, leading her to question whether these new tests were as accurate as the PCR COVID tests. She suggested that SGA obtain testing numbers for before and after switching from PCR tests, in order to see if there is a significant difference in results between the two.

Vice President Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh responded to Judicial Chair Quintanilla’s concerns by saying that the current test has same levels of accuracy as the PCR test. He suggested, however, that J.C. Quintanilla reach out to the COVID Clinic.


First-year Senator Steven Cox shared his concerns over an incident that happened at midnight, the night prior. According to Senator Cox, he is in a Class of 2024 GroupMe that shared some concerning messages overnight. According to Senator Cox, several girls in Calvert Hall reported knocking on their doors in the middle of the night. Two men reportedly knocked on every girl’s door in Calvert, presumably looking to get into their rooms.

The incident was reported to TUPD, and is being investigated further. For now, the girls of Calvert Hall were told to be aware of their surroundings.


Esther Kim, Assistant Director for Orientation Programs, and Shannon Twumasi, Coordinator for Student Programs, had a budget funding request for their continued use of “Presence,” a platform where student organizations can update members, remove members, and create invitations for events. The total funding request was $2,310 in order to give all student organizations access to Presence. SGA approved this request in its full amount.