Previously, on SGA: Virus Vigilance


The following covers the meeting on March 3.

Sophomore senator Maeve Armand began the meeting by expressing concerns about sightings of non-Trinity individuals coming onto campus without masks. Adviser David Tuttle suggested reaching out to TUPD about the issue and encouraged members of the Trinity community to remind people that campus is closed.
Vice President Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh, junior, noted the increase in COVID cases on campus and warned against being complacent about guidelines. Tuttle also mentioned the shortage of quarantine space on campus and stated that measures such as fully remote teaching or cancellation of sports may have to be taken if things worsen.

Senior Mindy Benavides presented on behalf of TigerThon 2021. Tigerthon requested $1,607.04 to cover the cost of their main event on March 20, which would include a variety of in-person and virtual activities and a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. SGA approved the full amount.
Senior Noelle Barrera requested $3,000 on behalf of the Trinity chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) for a collaborative poetry workshop called Visions of the Future. The money would cover the pair of guest speakers who would facilitate the workshop. Barrera estimated that attendance would be about 20-30 people, but maybe more. Concerned over the high cost per person, SGA decided to partially fund the event in the amount of $2,000.
Barrera also requested $2,000 for an event called Disability Justice on Campus, a series of two training sessions on April 15-16 about mental health crisis preparation and bystander intervention. The event would be targeted towards faculty and staff as well as students. The event would be facilitated by members of Project LETS, an organization that aims to build community for those with mental illness, trauma or disability. SGA approved the amount in full.