Previously, on SGA: Student safety and wellbeing

The following covers the meeting on Oct. 20.


Climate Check
Sophomore senator Danae Barkocy began climate check by inquiring about the rules for off-campus groups holding events like tabling at Trinity. President Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh, senior, and adviser Jamie Thompson confirmed that off-campus groups must be sponsored and submit proof of vaccination.

First-year senator Harrison Tinker mentioned that many items in the POD did not have their prices correctly labeled. Tinker also expressed concerns about the strictness of the policies at Mabee Dining Hall about what food people can and can’t take out. Tinker said that some students were having anxieties about being yelled at for trying to take out food. Adviser Thompson suggested contacting Food Service Director Charles Robles in both cases.

Lastly, first-year senator Andrew Phillips said that multiple students were afraid to walk to their residence halls at night due to the lack of lighting around several dorm areas. Thompson suggested having TUPD and Facilities Services do a walk-around to assess the lighting situation in those areas.

SGA Funding Update
Vice president Nasim Salehitezangi went over the four organizations that received funding on Oct. 19. The money went towards the Swashbucklers Haunted Hall, Tigerthon, Swing Bums winter ball, and buttons for Student Involvement.

VP Salehitezangi also revealed that SGA has a surplus of money due to the pandemic. SGA discussed possible uses for the money. Thompson advised them to think of student needs now and in the future.

Extenuating Circumstances Policy
SGA continued the discussion of an extenuating circumstances policy from last week. The policy would be a response to the concerns raised about some professors being inflexible towards absences that are due to outside circumstances. VP Salehitezangi encouraged SGA members to gather student stories and specific examples of inflexibility in the classroom in order to pitch the policy idea.