Previously on SGA: New Senators

The following covers the meeting on Sept. 28.


All Student Government Association (SGA) meetings are open to the public. One student was in attendance.

President Danny Nguyen opened the meeting by welcoming the new senators for the class of 2026 and senator introductions.

Climate Check:

Sophomore Senator Ani Siva opened climate check with an update on the on-campus minimum wage initiative, explaining that he and Advisor Demi Brown met with Sheryl Tynes, vice president of student life and a student worker. Senator Siva stated that the administration is aware and willing to work towards higher wages and that he is looking for ways to get the initiative started and will offer updates as he progresses.

Senator Siva also welcomed the new first-year senators and invited them to join one of the other two initiatives he is currently heading: the water bottle filling station initiative and the initiative to provide students with physical disabilities with more resources to navigate campus. Senator Siva was initially working on the latter initiative with Spencer Scruggs, director for student accessibility services, but will now be working with Laura Ramsey, student accessibility specialist, as Scruggs moves to a new role at another university.

President Nguyen announced that next year laundry services should be free across campus. Free laundry is an initiative that SGA has been working on since last school year.

Sophomore Senator Ella Charbonnet, who heads the committee for free food Fridays, announced to the Senate that she would be sharing a list of potential partners with the senators so that they would be able to make suggestions for free food Friday vendors. Senator Charbonnet and Senator Siva are coordinating with the South Asian Student Association (SASA) in an effort to partner with different cultural groups on campus.

Senator Charbonnet gave her regular ice cream machine update, stating that the machine is currently undergoing repairs and she is waiting to hear back from Charles Robles, food services director.

After an uncharacteristically long pause, President Nguyen and Vice President Donya Ahmadi expressed surprise that Senator Siva did not have any other items to contribute. Senator Siva offered to come up with more climate check items.

DEI Chair Avery Lim addressed the Senate about the ongoing protests in Iran — which had been discussed during the Cabinet meeting — stating that as a nonprofit organization SGA cannot issue an official stance, but that senators should consider how they wish to respond.
Advisor Brown recommended that the senators think globally but act locally. He suggested that senators consider different ways to engage their community with global issues: including educating the community, reaching out to students in the community who have a personal connection to Iran and identifying places students can donate. President Nguyen reminded the senate to tread lightly in making an opinion known, as they are a representative of the university.

Senator Siva closed out climate check by circling back to an issue raised at a previous meeting about creating a hub where students can post flyers and bulletins. President Nguyen brought up a new Trinity social calendar that has been circulating among the student body, and Advisor Brown stated that he will reach out to the person who created the calendar.

Officer Reports:

President Nguyen told the senate about an invitation extended by Ryan Thomas, director of reunions, alumni recognition & special projects, for SGA to take part in the tailgate planned for Alumni weekend which will be sponsored by the Bengal Lancer Alumni Association.

President Nguyen offered an update on the guest calendar for Fall 2022. More specifically, President Nguyen clarified that they were currently working to reschedule Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s visit and that Ramsey will be attending the SGA meeting that Scruggs was meant to attend on Oct. 26. President Nguyen took suggestions from the senate for potential guests.

Advisor Brown gave an update on TigerCare Live, stating that 60 students have sought mental health care through the platform without administrative involvement.

President Nguyen gave an update on the menstrual product dispenser initiative, explaining that they were in the process of working out the last kinks with delivery and that three dispensers should be installed by the end of October or early November. Once the dispensers are installed, Senator Charbonnet will take the lead on finding volunteers to keep them stocked in exchange for gift cards. Senator Siva asked where the budget for the necessary supplies is sourced from. President Nguyen explained that the initiative is being funded by the student activity fund (SAF), since it is a student-led project. Senator Siva asked President Nguyen to confirm that the water bottle filling stations were also initially done through SAF funding, which President Nguyen confirmed.

President Nguyen announced the upcoming media day to the new first-year senators.

President Nguyen explained that he and Advisor Brown will be in Austin next week working on a potential partnership with Apple; Vice President Ahmadi and Advisor Thompson will run the meeting next week.

Advisor Brown explained the idea that Apple approached Trinity earlier this year, which would create a common learning platform for all students. Advisor Brown and President Nguyen will be visiting the Apple campus to explore the feasibility of providing each incoming student at Trinity with a MacBook Pro.

Advisor Brown also announced the return of Trick-or-Treat on Oakmont this upcoming October. President Nguyen was surprised to hear that the administration would be bringing it back since he had no recollection of last year’s event. Advisor Brown asked where President Nguyen was when they discussed this last year.

Vice President Ahmadi gave finance committee updates, stating that there were six requests to be reviewed in the finance committee meeting and four requests to be reviewed in next week’s senate meeting.

Vice President Ahmadi gave an update on the initiative for graduation stoles for Middle Eastern students, stating the plan is to send out a form to gauge interest among students.

Advisor Brown stated that SGA would most likely receive an additional $24 per student in next year’s budget to help close the student pay gap. The matter has not been voted on by the board yet, but according to Advisor Brown, it basically will happen.

Secretary Alexis Aguallo reminded senators that they are each allocated two excused absences and two unexcused absences and that senators should text her or Emily King, Chief of Staff, should they be absent.