Previously, on SGA: Secret Santa selection

The following covers the meeting on Nov. 30


The Trinitonian was unable to cover climate check due to late arrival. Students interested in issues raised during climate check can reach out to their respective senators.

Secret Santa

President Danny Nguyen put on Jeopardy! music as Vice President Donya Ahmadi went around the room and had each senator select a name for a Secret Santa exchange. President Nguyen placed a $15 limit on all gifts.

Officer Reports

President Nguyen asked for two senators to volunteer to review the Academic Honor Council. It is standard for the Academic Honor Council to be reviewed every five years. President Nguyen announced an upcoming initiative in the spring based on a suggestion by a member of Greek Life to supply free Nightcap drink covers to the student body.

President Nguyen also provided an update on the menstrual hygiene product dispensers, stating that they were ordered two days ago.

Sophomore Senator Ani Siva gave an update on the dining committee’s search for a new dining agreement, stating that the committee will interview the finalists for the new agreement over reading days.
President Nguyen announced that the week of Feb. 6 will serve as inauguration week for Vanessa Beasley, university president, and that there will be events that will require SGA participation.