Previously on SGA: Editing the bylaws

The following covers the meeting on Feb. 1.


This SGA meeting was conducted over Zoom.

Climate Check:

Sophomore Senator Ani Siva opened climate check with an update on his meeting with Laura Ramsey, director for student accessibility services, and asked interested senators to get involved with the initiative.

President Danny Nguyen asked sophomore Senator Ella Charbonnet for an update on the menstrual product dispensers. Senator Charbonnet indicated that per communication with Ernesto Gonzalez, associate director of facilities services, the dispensers have not yet been installed. Senator Charbonnet stated that she had eight volunteers signed up and she will create a rotation schedule for restocking the dispensers.

Revision of Faculty Handbook:

The senate voted on whether to approve a revision of the Faculty Handbook. The revision changed the name of the teaching and learning support committee to the collaborative for learning and teaching and restructured the makeup of the committee. The revision was approved by the Senate.

SGA Bylaw Revisions:

The Senate voted on a number of revisions to the SGA bylaws, the majority of which were updates to the language or updates to reflect how SGA procedures have changed. Summarized below are some of the major revisions. The updated SGA Bylaws are available to the public for review.

Cabinet positions will be assigned by the President and Vice President, and there will no longer be a Senate vote to approve cabinet positions. This revision was proposed as the vote for cabinet approval has not been implemented in the past few years. Motion passed.

The position of Judicial Chair — which previously was only in the constitution — will be added to the bylaws. This revision will be voted on at a later date.

The Secretary will no longer send out the agenda before every meeting, agenda items will no longer need to be submitted 48 hours in advance and made public 24 hours in advance. This revision was proposed because the meeting agendas are available to the public through a public Drive folder. Motion passed.

Voting via raised hands and voices will be recognized in addition to raising one’s name plaque. Motion passed.

Finance committee will add key debate points to the meeting minutes. Motion passed.

The title, role and responsibilities of the DEI chair were updated.

Funding requests will be accepted beginning in August instead of January. Motion passed.

It was proposed that funding requests will automatically be denied for the following line items: alcohol, personal apparel, closed events and gas. As the Student Activity Fee cannot be used to purchase alcohol, the motion to refuse funding requests for alcohol was passed. The motion for all other proposed line items failed, and will be determined on a discretionary basis.

Reimbursement requests will be due by the end of the academic year, instead of two weeks past the event date. Motion passed.

Constitutional Review:

The final item on the agenda was a constitutional review. President Nguyen motioned to reschedule the constitutional review for Feb. 22. Vice President Donya Ahmadi seconded and the motion passed.

Sophomore Senator Andrew Phillips who is the head of the constitutional review committee will not be present at the Feb. 22 meeting. Senator Phillips motioned to reschedule the constitutional review for March 8. Vice President Ahmadi seconded and the motion passed.