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The following covers the meeting on Feb. 8


Prior to climate check, President Danny Nguyen informed the Senate that if three senators were to leave the meeting early, the senate would lose quorum. This means they would be able to continue to hear funding proposals, but be unable to vote until the next meeting. President Nguyen strongly recommended that they maintain quorum.

Climate check:

Sophomore Senator Ella Charbonnet opened climate check by stating that she was confused about the status of the ice cream machine. She explained that President Nguyen had stated that the old machine will be replaced, but then received communication from Ernesto Gonzalez, associate director of facilities services, that facilities services was planning on repairing the old machine instead. President Nguyen explained that a new ice cream machine will be purchased eventually, but that facilities services may be planning on repairing the old machine in the interim.

Senator Charbonnet also stated that she had not heard back from Gonzalez regarding the installation of the menstrual dispensers. President Nguyen advised Senator Charbonnet to email Gonzalez on Monday, as facilities services are most likely preoccupied with the inauguration celebration and therefore might be preoccupied.

Sophomore Senator Ani Siva stated that he will be following up with facilities services and residential life about the initiative to install water bottle-filling stations in residential areas, and that the project will be completed over summer 2023. Senator Siva postponed commenting on the ongoing project to update the outdoor patio on the fourth floor of the library in a later meeting.

Sophomore Senator Nadesh Vaithianathan inquired about the possibility of an on-campus station for filling up five-gallon water jugs. Advisor Jamie Thompson stated, that the senate should prioritize the water bottle-filling station initiative. She mentioned that this opinion was solely her own, not an official statement made on behalf of Trinity.
President Nguyen stated that a student suggested placing more picnic tables on upper campus.

Senate funding

During President Nguyen’s debriefing on the voting procedure for funding requests, the debate on the correct pronunciation of “notify” was reignited. Vice President Donya Ahmadi pointed out that “the entire senate” corrected President Nguyen’s pronunciation. He retorted, “Impeach me.”

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee – Mardi Gras tournament

Andrew Duong,* senior, presented on behalf of the Trinity Turbulence, the men’s ultimate frisbee team, which requested $1,602.92 for housing — five hotel rooms for 20 people — and gas expenses for an upcoming tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Mardi Gras tournament is a nationwide tournament that is necessary for the club to compete in if they want toto participate in the national playoffs. Senator Charbonnet motioned to fully fund the men’s ultimate frisbee club $1,602.92. First-year Senator Sameed Aijaz seconded and the motion failed. The senators discussed how they should approach the issue of funding gasoline and ultimately decided to table it for the end of the meeting. Based on the decision made for the Mock Trial funding request (detailed below), the senators decided to provide the club a stipend for gas instead of using the reimbursement rate. Senior Senator Ellie McGrath motioned to fully fund the men’s ultimate frisbee club $1,602.92 with a stipend for transportation. Senator Charbonnet seconded and the motion passed.

Water Polo Team – Water polo goal

Charlie Long presented a request of $2,645 for a water polo goal on behalf of the Trinity water polo team. This newly revived co-ed club has recently started practices, but without a proper goal, they cannot effectively practice. This funding request will only cover the cost of one goal, but Long is confident in the club’s ability to fundraise enough to buy the second goal. When Senator Siva inquired about the possibility of the club receiving funding from recreational sports, Long explained that the team is technically not a club, although they have nearly finalized their constitution and bylaws. The senators discussed and came to the conclusion that it would be wise to wait to make a funding decision until after the team gained official club status. Senator Siva motioned to table the request until the next Senate funding meeting. Senator Nadesh seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Tiger Breaks – Spring break trip to New Orleans

Josh Sharpe, senior and Tiger Breaks president, presented a funding request of $1,979.17 to cover housing costs for Tiger Breaks’ spring break trip. Sharpe explained that in the past, Tiger Breaks has relied on volunteer housing; however, since the pandemic, there has been reduced volunteer housing and those that remain are either unsafe, expensive or religiously affiliated. The organization was able to book two Airbnbs in a relatively safe area in the suburbs of New Orleans. Senator Siva motioned to fund Tiger Breaks the full amount of $1,979.17. Senator Charbonnet seconded and the motion passed with two opposed.

TU Gaming – SCAC Esports Showdown

Austin Lee and Joshua Gammon presented on behalf of TU Gaming and requested $3,000 for the SCAC Esports Showdown. Lee and Gammon explained that their seven-week Esports season culminates in a showdown tournament with several events, including the Super Smash Bros event — in which Trinity has placed first every year since 2017. This year, the event will be held in San Antonio at the Boeing Center at Tech Port Arena on the condition that every participating school contributes $3,000 to cover the cost of renting the arena. Lee and Gammon explained that they will have 14 students competing and have 40 students who expressed interest in attending the event as spectators. TU Gaming will cover the cost of food, jerseys and transportation for their members. Sophomore Senator Allison Waters motioned to fully fund TU Gaming $3,000. Senior Senator Elizabeth McNeely seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

SGA – Tiger’s Night Out

President Nguyen presented a funding request for $8,074 on behalf of the Student Government Association (SGA) to cover the Tiger’s Night Out Event that was held in collaboration with Spurs sports and entertainment. Senator Siva motioned to fully fund SGA $8,074. Senator Vaithianathan seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Angelina D’Elia,* sophomore video and production intern for KRTU, and Lauren Elliott, sophomore special projects intern for KRTU, presented a funding request for KRTU Fest — an event in which the radio station will bring four indie bands with ties to Trinity to play on campus for students for free. The event will be held April 14 from 5-10 p.m. on Prassel Lawn, with performances from Dylan Lee, Trinity first-year singer-songwriter, as well as bands Collective Dreams, Retro Cowgirl and NASA Country. KRTU requested a partnership with SGA explaining that SGA will be able to put their logo on all marketing and merchandising material associated with the event. In reviewing the budget, senators discussed whether the proposed marketing budget was excessive. Senior Senator Ellie McGrath motioned to partially fund KRTU $7,093.93, which would be half the proposed merchandising budget. Senator Waters seconded and the motion passed with two against.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee – Baton Rouge and Tulsa tournaments

The captains of the women’s ultimate frisbee team presented a funding request for $3,297.82 to cover housing and transportation for two out-of-state tournaments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Tulsa, Oklahoma respectively. The funds would allow them to send 20 players to two tournaments. The vote for this funding request was tabled until the end of the meeting because of a disagreement on funding gasoline. Based on the decision made for the Mock Trial funding request (detailed below), the senators decided to provide the club a stipend for gas instead of using the reimbursement rate. Senior Senator Ellie McGrath motioned to fully fund the women’s ultimate frisbee club $3,297.82 with a stipend for transportation. Senator Charbonnet seconded and the motion passed.

Mock Trial – Regional Competition

The president of Mock Trial, senior Evan Engelhaupt, accompanied by sophomore Anita Ashok, presented a funding request for an upcoming regional event under the American Mock Trial Association. The amount requested was $2,697.20 to cover associated expenses such as a hotel stay and transportation, as well as an overhead cost for supplies. The mock trial team expressed that, should their team advance to nationals, a future flight to a competition in Nashville, will need to be discussed. After some discussion regarding the precedent on funding gasoline, the senate came to the conclusion that they should approach the issue on a a case-by-case basis — resulting in the approval of a transportation stipend rather than reimbursing gas costs based on miles traveled — Senator Ani Siva motioned to fully fund the request, seconded by Senator Waters. The motion passed with two abstaining.

Swim and Triathlon Club – National Meet

Senator Nadesh indicated that he had to leave as the meeting had run over time. Ahmadi asked that Nadesh stay for an extra ten minutes so that the senate wouldn’t lose quorum (10 people is half the senate, not enough for a vote to be held).
A representative of the Swim and Triathlon Club, Michaela Judis, put forth a funding request of $4,400 for airline transportation and housing for seven competitors to participate in a national level swim meet in Irvine, California from April 27-30. Senator Vaithianathan motioned to fully fund the swim and triathlon club, $4,400. The motion was seconded by Senator Waters and the motion passed unanimously.


Officer reports

President Nguyen provided a broad overview regarding expected procedures for all officers during the upcoming presidential inauguration.

President Nguyen reminded the Senate that they will be meeting on Monday, Feb. 13 instead of their usual Wednesday time slot because Ron Nirenberg, mayor of San Antonio, will be attending the meeting. He also reiterated the location and time: Dicke Hall 208 at 6 p.m.

President Nguyen announced that Bret Biance, director of residential life, will attend the SGA meeting on Feb. 22 to speak on changes to the housing selection process. Biance will also be discussing a $14 million renovation for the Thomas and Lightner residence halls that will be completed over the course of two years.

Finally, LRC Leal asserted that the ongoing search for an FYE coordinator is yielding positive results, and a new hire is expected to be made by May. The position for vice president of inclusive engagement is also expected to be filled by May. LRC Leal also indicated that SGA’s review of the academic honor council will occur in February.

*Andrew Duong is a photographer for the Trinitonian.
**Angelina D’Elia is the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Trinitonian.