Previously, on SGA: Getting Trinity’s water polo team off the ground

The following covers the meeting on March 1


Climate check

Sophomore Senator Harrison Tinker began climate check by inquiring about progress on getting a print station set up in Dicke Hall. Sophomore Senator Allison Waters responded that the contract with Wēpa comes with a set number of printers and referenced a previous goal to get a print station in Prassel Residence Hall, which required removing one from Laurie Auditorium.

Senator Tinker then brought up the issue of landscaping in terms of the “stark difference” between upper and lower campus, as well as cleaning services falling behind in the Calvert and Miller Residence Halls, the latter of which sophomore Senator Ani Siva attested to. President Danny Nguyen suggested bringing those concerns up at next week’s meeting when Bret Biance, director of the residential life office, would be there. President Nguyen suggested a work order as a temporary solution for the cleaning issues.

President Nguyen reminded everyone of the upcoming SGA elections, setting a 036;50 campaign spending limit, which will not be reimbursed by SGA.

Senator Siva brought up the Dining Town Hall held the previous day and noted that there would be lots of changes coming to dining in the coming months. He encouraged students to email him about their dining opinions so that they can address unmet needs. He talked about how there may be two different forms of Revolve, one in the current location of Freshii that looks much like the current Revolve. There is also the possibility of a sous vide-style kitchen in the style of Chipotle or Cava that rotates out different cuisines. Neither of those are done deals, however.

President Nguyen added that there would be no changes to dining plans for the next academic year (at least in terms of the plans which involve meal swipes and bonus bucks).

USO funding 101 with Advisor Jamie Thompson and Vice President Donya Ahmadi

Advisor Thompson and Vice President Ahmadi led a presentation on the upcoming university-sponsored Organization (USO), campus publication and recreational sports funding meetings in April. They went over guidelines and suggestions for dealing with these funding meetings, reminding the senators that SGA holds students’ money and that they must be careful with how they spend it.

Advisor Thompson told the senators that they can’t choose to fund an entity without prior notice when they’ve been relying on SGA money and emphasized that the budgets are already well-vetted, particularly campus publications.

Senators will see line items for each organization, and the funding will fall into the categories of programming, operations, physical resources and travel. Advisor Thompson suggested senators review the preliminary notes, ask questions and use a respectful tone in these meetings.

Senator Siva asked about the money that the Student Programming Board (SPB) had left over from the concert that didn’t happen in the fall. Advisor Thompson responded that SGA typically allows SPB to keep the money, takes note of the rollover and factor that into what is allotted to them for the next year.

President Nguyen shouted out Advisor Thompson’s promotion to associate dean of students.

Senate funding

Water polo

Water polo president Charlie Long presented a request for $2,645 to get the team started, citing a particularly important foldable goal that they need to purchase in order to begin practices. He confirmed that there were 15 people committed to the team, an officer board lined up, a plan to join the Collegiate Water Polo Association and a constitution submitted to Student Involvement. Senator Siva motioned to fully fund the request, and first-year Senator Sameed Aijaz seconded the motion. The motion unanimously passed.

TigerThon and Phi Sigma Chi

Angela Allen, assistant internal director of TigerThon, and Pedro Ordonez, treasurer of Phi Sigma Chi, pitched a March 23 fundraiser for TigerThon, partnered with Phi Sigma Chi, held at the 1902 Nightclub. They would sell $10 tickets, the profits of which would go directly to the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. They asked for $3,800 to cover mainly the room rental and labor fees. They estimated 400-500 attendees, more than their previous event at Paper Tiger. Junior Senator Nadesh Vaithianathan and senior Senator Ameer Mustafa asked why they were expecting higher attendance, and Allen assured that it was a larger venue and the club atmosphere would be a draw.

They deferred voting until the end of the meeting for discussion surrounding the risk management aspect of the event. Senator Siva voiced concerns about the event being open to people outside of the Trinity community. Sophomore Senator Ella Charbonnet echoed those concerns coming from her sorority risk chair perspective. So long as the event would be limited to members of the Trinity community, the senators mostly felt comfortable approving the event. Senator Siva motioned to fully fund the event and Senator Charbonnet seconded the motion. The motion passed with three against.

Men’s Club Volleyball

Alex Haney, men’s club volleyball president, and Clayton Butler, treasurer, presented a request for 036;9,926.79 for their upcoming nationals tournament in Kansas City. Their request included hotel rooms, flights and home and away uniforms. They deferred voting until the end of the meeting, and after some discussion regarding the expense of the uniforms, Senator Mustafa motioned to fully fund the request. Senator Vaithianathan seconded, and the motion passed with two against.

SGA – Pack the Calgaard

President Nguyen presented a request to fund students’ tickets to the women’s basketball game against the University of Texas at Dallas. He requested 036;2,800 to cover tickets for 200 students per game and 300 T-shirts to give out. President Nguyen said that Eric Maloof, vice president for enrollment management, was willing to cover tickets for more students than just the 200 per game. Senator Mustafa motioned to fully fund the request, and Senator Siva seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

Talking elections and circling back to climate check

President Nguyen announced his intention to run for president again but reminded that Vice President Ahmadi would be graduating and thus not seeking re-election. He told the senators that if they were running for the position again, they would not need to attend the information sessions. Senators Siva, Tinker and Vaithianathan announced their intention to run for vice president.

Senator Charbonnet concluded the meeting by announcing that the menstrual dispensers were finally all in use and that she needed volunteers for the upcoming Free Food Friday.