Meet Trinity’s newest org, the Possum Alliance

Members of the newly formed club aim to get possums the same respect as the Trinicats

This piece is entirely satirical. Read the rest of our April Fool’s edition, the Trinibonian, here

One night, freshman sociology major Adam Marsupialski was sitting outside of Coates Student Center on the phone when he saw a small figure walking toward Cardiac Hill. Marsupialski immediately recognized it as a possum.

“I was a little scared seeing it at first, but after watching it for a while I thought it was kind of cute. That was the first moment I thought about creating the Possum Alliance,” Marsupialski said.

Marsupialski met the first member of what would become the Possum Alliance in a local politics pathways course.

“I showed up early to class once and I heard Emily Possumwood talking about the possums that live near the cat feeding station in Marrs McClean,” Marsupialski said. “I reached out to her after class and we started making plans for the Possum Alliance to be a campus club.”

Emily Possumwood, junior communications and urban studies double-major, emphasized that the club’s purpose is to uplift the Trinity community by raising awareness for these creatures. “Possums get a bad rep cause they live in people’s backyards and carry diseases. As long as you leave them alone they’re not hurting anyone,” Possumwood said.

The addition of another animal alliance on campus has raised concerns about the possum alliance conflicting with the presence of the Cat Alliance on campus. Caddie East, a senior biology major and president of the Cat Alliance, mentioned that she’s hesitant to add another animal-centric organization to campus.

“Our main priority is the health and safety of our Trinicats. I’ve seen the possums eating cat food, and I wouldn’t want our kitties to go hungry because the possums eat their food,” Simmons said. “I just hope that the possums don’t feel empowered to take on a bigger campus presence due to the work of the Possum Alliance.”

The Possum Alliance is prepared for pushback towards their efforts. Marsupialski emphasized that he will make all efforts to be mindful of people wary of this new organization.

“We respect the Cat Alliance, and everything they do to take care of the Trinicats. We won’t be feeding the possums or encouraging them to eat cat food. We’re just creating a space to appreciate the wildlife Trinity has to offer,” Marsupialski said.

Possumwood has a lot of hopes for the future of the Possum Alliance. “Although we probably won’t be a registered student organization by the time I graduate, I’d love to get more members for the Possum Alliance and start having monthly socials for our club,” Possumwood said.
Ethan O’Possum, sophomore accounting major and prospective participant in the Possum Alliance, has ideas for future club meetings.

“For our socials, we could watch films like ‘Stuart Little’ or ‘Zootopia,’ have informative sessions about possums and their role in the ecosystem, and round table discussions about possums on campus,” O’Possum said.

O’Possum emphasized that he wants to join the Possum Alliance because it adds a special flair to campus life that traditional clubs don’t have. After all, not every college campus can say that they have its own possum alliance.

“Everyone has their own passions, and it’s important to let students express themselves in any way that represents them. We’re always promoting a tight-knit community, and the Possum Alliance is just another way to make our campus stronger,” Marsupialski said.