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    AlumnusSep 8, 2023 at 8:32 am

    Good start, but you leave out several important factors:

    (1) Energy prices are based on demand, so when thermal providers shut down at critical times as has happened constantly this year, the remaining (also thermal) providers make BIG bucks. Shut one plant down, your other one makes 10x.
    (2) Texas encourages bitcoin miners to locate here, and they can each suck up as much energy as a small town. Last month ERCOT paid ONE of them, “Riot” (you can’t make this **** up) over $30 million to shut down at certain periods (vs the $8M they would have made mining). Google it since I can’t put a link here.
    (3) Guess who sends major money to the political campaigns of the “leaders” in this state responsible for this disaster? Yep, both categories above.

    And, of course, the people who pay for this are those who pay electric bills, who stunningly will continue to vote for those responsible for their bills going up simply because they have a certain political affiliation.