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    RuthSep 28, 2023 at 1:33 pm

    This article wildly misses the mark. To me, it seems entirely counterproductive to pretend that right-wing ideologues are fools who don’t know what they’re doing. Vivek and people who support him have a very deliberate agenda: frack, expand reliance on fossil fuels, militarize the southern border, eliminate ideological opposition, push culture war narratives, eliminate queer people from public life, etc., etc.. Vivek Ramaswamy is a fascist. He is taking his cues from a well-established playbook of fascist politics. Saying “I hope he wins” is astoundingly tone-deaf — did we learn nothing from the Trump administration? What prevents political novices from enacting policies that will directly harm trans people, people of color, immigrants, workers — especially in a national landscape that increasingly favors those policies? I sincerely hope that people who view the Republican party as a joke realize that politics is no laughing matter to the most vulnerable, otherwise they will be far too late and unaware in the face of fascist violence. Maybe sit on the next Trinitonian article before running to publish it.