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    Alex Gallin-Parisi (she/her)Nov 10, 2023 at 9:14 am

    I support the Trinitonian reporting on this issue and continuing to illuminate the publicly available records of cases deemed not worth initiating investigations. It is an absolute disgrace that the Title IX office be staffed by one individual. Moreover, while I undountedly agree that the process and issues are complicated and onerous, the fact that we can’t get our act together by now; that we didn’t even have this position until 2019; and that the University seems to be placing the burden on the shoulders of ONE PERSON, Kateeka Harris, instead of looking at historical, structural issues at the University… this is news worth reporting even though it makes me feel ashamed as a faculty member. We can talk til our voices are raw about equity and belonging and justice and community, but unless we collectively decide that we WILL NOT STAND for gendered harassment, unequal treatment, gender violence, and fear, we are hurting our students and wasting our time pretending we are something we are not.