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  • K

    Kippi EngleFeb 21, 2024 at 9:45 am

    You are right! Please keep up the good work and spreading this message. So many people don’t even know the history, and if they did- I think they would have more compassion for the people of Gaza.

  • M

    Michele CooperFeb 17, 2024 at 9:29 am

    #JewsForPalestine say right on! Never again is for everyone.

  • D

    Daniel GreenfeldFeb 16, 2024 at 10:04 am

    Worth noting that the Trinitonian does not allow links, so here are some search terms, most have their own wikipedia page that serve as good starting places, some of them verbatim below, roughly in order of appearance:

    – History of Jews and Judiasm in the Land of Israel
    – 3D Test of Antisemitism
    – Balfour Declaration
    -1929 Hebron Massacre
    – Jewish land purchase in Palestine
    – Hajj Amin al-Husayni meets with Hitler
    – Pan-Arabism
    – 1947-1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine (Big one, here–important historical content)
    – Jewish Exodus from the Muslim World
    – Hamas Officials Vow to Repeat Oct 7 Attacks

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    Daniel GreenfeldFeb 16, 2024 at 9:51 am

    While this isn’t how I’d like to spend my Friday mornings, there aren’t a lot of Jews out there, and there aren’t a lot of Trinity Alumni out there, and as one of the few at the center of this Venn-Diagram, I feel I need to correct the ignorance displayed in this opinion piece.

    And that’s what it is, right?

    An opinion piece?

    A strong one, too.

    Strong opinions based on ignorance are dangerous, and when they revolve around an absolute misunderstanding of Israel, its founding, motivations, and more, and revolve around Jews, this danger seems to escalate.

    Before I get into the history lesson here, I do want to suggest that, in general, if one has studied history and finds themselves thinking, “Well, yes the Jews have been demonized in the past before, but….but time…this time they really are the bad guys!” at least a *small* red flag should pop up in one’s mind.

    And yes–before anyone starts telling me that criticism of Israel is not antisemitic, yadda, yadda, yadda–if your opinions on reality are founded on antisemitism, correct that first, then we can audit which criticisms are and are not antisemitic.

    There’s this population notion that non-Jews seem to try to explain to me that it’s antisemetic of me to assume that Jews support Israel, or that Israel is in some way Jewish.

    Here’s the reality of the Jewish community’s thoughts on the matter:

    Israel is the Jewish state. 80% of the citizens are Jewish, 20% are not, and Israel has no plans to turn that 80% into 100%, but Israel is a Jewish state. (more on that later).

    Most Jews support Israel, and even those **highly critical** of Israel believe it **should exist.**

    And, the Jewish community, who gets to define Zionism, essentially defines modern zionism as this: “I think Israel should exist. I do not think Israel should be abolished.”

    The number of Jews who are not zionists, by the *Jewish definition of Zionism*, those that believe that Israel should not exist is *vanishingly small.*

    Even with 16 million of us, you can still find 160,000 token Jews to represent this 1% opinion, but rest assured–most Jews believe Israel should exist.

    So yes– we’re discussing Jews, not just Israel.

    No, it is not antisemitic to conflate Israel with Jews.

    It’s friggin’ Israel

    And, if you don’t believe, spend some time in a Jewish community and see what they say. And no, of course, JVP does not count.

    Curious as to why?

    Spend some time in a Jewish community, see what they say.

    The reason I’m getting into all this is because, before we get into the history here, I want to establish that people have a history of hatred and othering towards Jews. Hopefully this isn’t new information to anyone reading this, but, to the author, understanding that their interpretation of Israel lands at an intersection between ahistorical events and ingrained antisemitism is important.

    Because what you will need to understand is that you and me are not arguing about whether Reality A is right or wrong.

    You did not write a piece saying, “I think Reality A is horrible!” and I’m responding with, “I think Reality A is fine.”

    You wrote a piece saying, “I think Reality A is horrible!” and I’m going to explain to you that reality is in fact Reality B, and your interpretation of history and current events is incorrect, and largely based on antisemitism.

    I have a feeling it’ll get back to Israel’s founding, which is why you linked Al Jazeera’s article on the events of 1948.
    Spoiler alert: “This conflict is so simple–here–read this Al Jazeera article on it,” is a bit of a microcosm of what’s going on here.

    Let me present “another version” of history in what might be one of Ms. Frizzle’s (–Jew, by the way–) most ill-conceived, yet clearly important, magic school bus trips yet.

    Beep beep.

    First we go back to the 1920’s and 30’s where Jewish migration to British controlled Palestine starts ramping up in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This migration is mostly legal, feel free to read about the Balfour Declaration (and note that before your heart starts gleefully pounding to cry Colonialism, hold that thought because, boy, do the British not look back fondly on this decision. We’ll have to travel school bus to later in the 1940’s to get to that point though, so hold on.) Also, feel free to read up on legal land purchasing as well, and note the antisemitism among the reasons the previous owners of the region, the Ottoman Empire, didn’t let Jews move in.

    Prior to this, when the Jews were a smaller percentage of people in Israel, the arabs of the region were content to simply progrom us from time to time.

    Now that there were more however, this influx of Jews could not stand. Violence increases, Jewish militias form, and a back and forth begins to ramp. Ingrained antisemitism is prevalent in the region, and the arab leaders are so impressed with Europe’s particular brand of it, that they meet with Hitler.

    There cannot be peace with Jews in the region, not only because of this ingrained antisemitism, but because of a concept called Pan-Arabism that was on the rise during this period. As with many of these concepts, even just the wikipedia page should be informative.

    So– too many Jews in Palestine!
    What are we going to do about it?

    Well, the fighting ramps up.

    And not just Jews vs. Arabs. Jews vs. Arabs vs. Brits, Jews & Brits vs. Arabs, Brits & Arabs vs. Jews.

    What is called “British Mandate Palestine” starts to get too chaotic what Britain believes they can control, and they want out.

    What follows are several suggested solutions of sharing the land. The Jews accept these, the arabs do not.

    At this point, you might perhaps be asking yourself, “So what? Hatred of Jews aside, the people in a region were upset that people were immigrating to that region.” Except there is nothing unprecedented about this migration, there were plenty of land and resources to go around, and Israel was not chosen as the location for the Jews by British Colonialists throwing darts at globe–it’s our homeland, too.

    So, then, the Jews come in and kick 750,000 arabs out of their homes right?

    Oh, wait, no.

    After rejecting every peace deal offered, the arabs in regional Palestine and the bordering regions decided to declare war on Israel:
    This is the one that most people with your opinion never seem to know. It’s a great litmus test. You say, “Okay, that happened in 1948. What happened in 1947?” and they blink and say, “…What do you mean?” And I’ll say, “What prompted the displacement of 750,000 arabs?” “Uh, the arrival of the Jews?”

    No– after being discontent with Jews in their land, after meeting with Hitler, after rejecting every peace deal offered, the arabs in the region declare war on Israel. Key words to google here are, “1947–1948 civil war in Mandatory Palestine.”

    Please note the date of this war on November of 1947, rather than May of 1948.

    It is only then, after losing this war, that the Israeli’s push those 750,000 arabs out of their homes.

    Of course, I can only assume that you will follow your opinion piece on Israel with an equally passionate opinion piece defending the 900,000 Jews that were pushed from Muslim countries before, during, and after this time:

    In the decades that follow, Palestinian leadership elects terrorist after terrorist, refusing every deal for a two state solution offered.

    Colonialism and genocide are dangerous accusations.

    It is no coincidence that the term genocide is being warped to be weaponized against the Jews. Can you, perhaps, think of a reason those who hate the Jews would want to devalue the term genocide?

    And, of course the term colonialism is being used to describe the Jews in literally Israel, because against what other minority could this term be bent and broken to such ill-fitting and aggressive use.

    However, let me be clear: For those 750,000 arabs expelled from their homes, the experience must have been tragic. For civilians in Gaza, the effects of this war against must also be tragic. War always causes the death of innocents, but surely Gaza, spearheaded by a terrorist organization that uses human shields, encourages martyrdom, and considers every innocent death a victory against Israel is causing unprecedented amounts of innocent deaths.

    So– here’s what happened:

    Hamas, an organization dedicated to the genocide of Jews worldwide, made it clear that they are a danger to innocents in Israel, by murdering and raping their way into the country. Then they made it clear that, if given the chance, they would repeat doing so at every opportunity.
    Hamas has intercepted all aid meant for innocents, used pipes meant for water for rockets, kept Gaza in a miserable state, building tunnels under homes, stocking weapons in hospitals, launched rockets from schools, used UN funds to brainwash their children, and dedicating their entire existence to winning a war against Israel first and foremost on the only feasible front they can win it: Information.

    That’s how you have someone like the writer of this article, with a loose, antisemitic (likely subconscious), ahistorical view, accusing the Jews of genocide and demanding the abolition of the Jewish state.

    Oh, also, while you’re writing that opinion piece on the hundreds of thousands of Jews forced out of the arab world, perhaps you could write an opinion piece on the other countries you regularly call for to be abolished.

    Oh….it’s only the Jewish one?


    The lack of scholarship is frustrating, especially combined with the passion exercised.

    The ignorance and antisemitism (again, an antisemetic framing of past and current events is still antisemitism) are dangerous.

    But to have all this, and write this article where you say, “it’s so simple! There’s just one side!” is a lack of self-awareness that boggles the mind.

    There are 16 million Jews.

    Don’t act surprised when antisemitic voices drown us out.

    But if you want to accuse my people of a crime invented to describe the Holocaust, have some damn scholarly rigor before you do it.

    Daniel Greenfeld
    Class of 2014
    Zionist Jew