Fulfilling civic duty

Fulfilling civic duty

Alex Perkowski April 21, 2017

I paid my taxes for the first time on Tuesday. April 18 is Tax Day, if you have not heard. This is not the first time I've filed a tax return, but it is the first time I have paid any taxes. Something...

Where is the line?

Alex Perkowski March 31, 2017

If one pays any attention to the news emanating constantly from Washington D.C., it may have become a bit confusing and overwhelming in the past week. At least for me, someone who tries to stay reasonably...

Trump reaps what he sows

Trump reaps what he sows

Alex Perkowski February 16, 2017

Donald Trump has already won one metric as president: he is the fastest president of the United States to have an unfavorable rating. It's not a surprise, at least mathematically. Hillary Clinton did win...

Whats next?

What’s next?

Alex Perkowski November 18, 2016

There has been much written about this election. Go to any social media site and it's staring the reader in the face. Visit any news website or crack open a newspaper and the same is true. There are a...

Mandates and goals

Mandates and goals

Alex Perkowski November 7, 2016

One of the strangest aspects of the 2016 election is the lack of a conversation about possible changes coming to our country once January hits. Sure, both sides have slung mud at the other, with accusations...

No, the election isnt rigged

No, the election isn’t rigged

Alex Perkowski October 27, 2016

Questions about the legitimacy of the United States government and its institutions should never be taken lightly. When a candidate for president disavows the system, it reduces the trust the populace...

Meeting expectations

Meeting expectations

Alex Perkowski October 1, 2016

When Hillary Clinton walked out in a red pantsuit, the tone for the first debate was set. Fashion misgivings aside, if there is one thing Clinton demanded, it was respect. Coming into the debate, voters'...

Whats next for Johnson?

What’s next for Johnson?

Alex Perkowski September 15, 2016

Libertarian  candidate Gary Johnson has recently been making waves. From tethering himself to memes to making a whistle stop tour on various media, the libertarians' nominee for president of the United...

Vary your sources, vary your viewpoints

Vary your sources, vary your viewpoints

Alex Perkowski September 1, 2016

Democratic societies guarantee a right to a free exchange of ideas. This  serves as a baseline for the self-rule of people. Since the invention of writing, ideas and thoughts have been placed to paper...

The definitive Trinity first-year bucket list

The definitive Trinity first-year bucket list

Alex Perkowski August 18, 2016

Behind Trinity's bricks lie interesting activities for all. Every student can carve out their own brick in the wall, but some activities define the Trinity experience: Take a dip (or be dunked) into...

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