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In defense of the so-called boring

Elise Hester April 26, 2018

I grew up hating sports because I was scared of the way playing sports made me feel — as if time sped up and left me behind. My senior year of high school I played two sports, both times because...

Rejecting conservatism in Christ

Rejecting conservatism in Christ

Elise Hester April 14, 2018

Respected Friends, Colossians 2:8 instructs us to “be careful not to allow anyone to captivate you through an empty and deceptive philosophy, according to human tradition, according to the elementary...

photo by Elise Hester, video producer

Distance runner Amanda Gerlach discusses grief, injury following difficult year

Elise Hester April 8, 2018

Almost one year after Amanda Gerlach suffered a cartilage defect that left her unable to walk, the sophomore distance runner races once again. From the moment the starting pistol goes off, she hears her...

John Tucker (left) and Trevor Johnson show off the rings from the Tigers national championship title in 2016, when both were first years. photo provided by Emma Birbeck.

Trinity baseball’s John Tucker embraces the grind

Elise Hester March 21, 2018

Hitting a baseball is extremely difficult, almost as difficult as describing what it feels like. “There’s no analogy to hitting. I can use adjectives, but I don’t even know if those work,” said...

illustration by Andrea Nebhut.

Dear Trinity Athletes, a goodbye from your favorite sports reporter

Elise Hester February 7, 2018

Dear Trinity Athletes, Breathe a sigh of relief. My reign of terror is over. Elise freaking Hester is no longer a sports reporter. It is time for my parting words.  I had a ball telling your stories...

To report is to relive: My struggle to say Me Too

To report is to relive: My struggle to say “Me Too”

Elise Hester February 7, 2018

I am an open book. I like to talk about myself and I'll tell you just about anything. There's only one story I hesitate to share, and it is the story that most needs to be shared: The story of my sexual...

Elise Hester, video producer, can have her cake and eat it too. illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Dear Friend

Elise Hester February 4, 2018

Dear Friend, A year ago, I joked about not liking boys or girls and a friend — who is named after a container — responded by saying I might be asexual. He was right. I left lunch to Google "asexual"...

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut, staff illustrator

SCAC Rankings minus the sports

Elise Hester January 27, 2018

The eight member schools of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) compete officially only in athletics. How do they stack up in other categories? Austin College  SPIRIT: ★★★★★★★★★☆...

The womens basketball team, led by coach Cameron Hill, defeated Austin College last Saturday on Jan. 20. photo by Allison Wolff

Game Day

Elise Hester January 24, 2018

Trinity Women's Basketball defeated Austin College 95-82 last Saturday, Jan. 20. Micah Weaver scored 42 points, tying the Trinity single-game record. The following account of the preceding events is...

Kevin Lee, right, will play his senior year on the tennis team this spring. file photo

Spring Sports Predictions

Elise Hester January 18, 2018

The beauty of sports is that anything can happen. The endless possibilities of the games allows sports writers and fans many opportunities to make predictions. For the upcoming spring season here at Trinity,...

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