Should I Laugh Or Cry

Should I Laugh Or Cry

Julia Weis May 2, 2019
This ABBA-loving senior is graduating
Photo credit: Julia Weis

Eva Schloss, stepsister of Anne Frank, tells her story of surviving the Holocaust

Julia Weis March 21, 2019
Event draws 2,300 community members to campus
Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Best Off-Campus Housing: Rosemont

Julia Weis January 31, 2019

graphic by Alex ParrisRosemont is the ideal off-campus housing for seniors. Within walking distance to campus and not as expensive as City Vista, it's a winning combination. I'm currently living in a three-bedroom...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

MLK speaker Ijeoma Oluo lectures on dismantling systematic racism

Julia Weis January 29, 2019
Author of the bestseller "So You Want to Talk About Race" spoke of Martin Luther King's activist legacy
Photo credit: Julia Weis

Green Goolia’s spring cleaning edition

Julia Weis January 29, 2019

Photo by Julia WeisThe start of the semester is the perfect time to begin your spring cleaning. If you're like me, Green Goolia, you might wonder if cleaning has to mean a million different fancy spray...

Coalition plans for relaunch in March of 2019

Coalition plans for relaunch in March of 2019

Julia Weis November 29, 2018
Organization aims to bring discussion into the classroom
Photo credit: Henry Pratt

Why recycling is garbage

Julia Weis October 26, 2018

The only truly scary thing this Halloween is the fact that we're facing a climate crisis that's going to destroy the world in our lifetime. Instead of being spooked, we can try to make a difference as...

Reader beware...Its spooky out there

Reader beware…It’s spooky out there

Julia Weis October 24, 2018

This week at the Trinitonian, we're celebrating Halloween. Reactions seem polarized — everyone is either really excited or couldn't care less. Whether you love Halloween or hate it, try to take a...

sami pynes (FY) petting bowie Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Overheard at Trinity post causes trinicat debate

Julia Weis October 19, 2018
Students and staff split on whether or not cats harm the environment
Green Goolia Part II: Skip the meat for Mother Earth

Green Goolia Part II: Skip the meat for Mother Earth

Julia Weis September 26, 2018

People tell you to go vegetarian or vegan to save the animals, but what about the environment? This week on Green Goolia: the environmental costs of a meat-based diet.Many people choose to exclude meat...

Reusables Photo credit: Julia Weis

How to be your best eco-friendly self

Julia Weis September 5, 2018
Part 1: Use those reusables
Soccer Mommy, also known as Sophie Allison, performed live in San Antonio this weekend. photo by Julia Weis, managing editor

Soccer Mommy dives deep into heartache

Julia Weis April 18, 2018

"Chill but kinda sad" is the self-described music style of Soccer Mommy, a Nashville-based indie group that came to San Antonio for the first time last weekend. Lead singer and songwriter Sophie Allison...

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