Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

The New American Expat Generation: At the Bottom of My Suitcase

Mai Vo November 12, 2020
“How would you like your privilege served today?” I remember vividly the flight attendant approaching me with a tray of steaming beverages immediately after crossing into American territory on that fateful flight to L.A. two years ago.
Photo credit: Ren Rader

Don’t let the camera eat first, or second

Mai Vo October 27, 2020

illustrations by Ren RaderI find myself asking the same question when going out with friends: Is Instagram influencing how we eat?There are few relationships that have become as inexorably intertwined...

Photo credit: Gabrielle Rodriguez

What’s For Dinner? Eating Together As A Shared Culture

Mai Vo October 14, 2020
“What’s for dinner?" Dinner time – or any meal time – is about being hungry and getting fed. But it’s about a whole lot more than that.
Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Coping with Comedy: Eh-eh-everybody gets that way

Mai Vo October 14, 2020
“Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what I’m talking about. Everybody gets that way.” Hannah Montana was not lying when she penned these lyrics in 2007 in “Nobody’s Perfect,” and her words ring truer than ever as we fend off this collective depressive social isolation.
Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Finding A Sense Of Normalcy Through Dressing Up

Mai Vo September 23, 2020
In quarantine, the self-expression of clothing has been somewhat lost to the monotony of sweatpants and T-shirts. Without being able to go out, with no one to impress and no reason to get dressed up, I struggled with the reality of quarantine.
Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

From crunching riffs to blistering solos: Instrumental Metal—An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Mai Vo September 10, 2020
Complex guitar riffs and a driving beat to keep you engaged but not distracted.
Photo credit: Ren Rader

Scoring Romance

Mai Vo August 27, 2020
A beautiful score can shape a love story in a way that words can’t.
Photo credit: Corrin Mccullough

Tyra Mail: In defense of reality TV

Mai Vo April 25, 2019
Column: The redeemable qualities of so-called "trashy" shows
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Tuning in to TigerTV

Mai Vo April 11, 2019
Student-run TV station develops professional skills
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