Senior year: all about reflecting and re-Joyce-ing

Mason Walker May 4, 2015

With only 700-odd words standing between me and the end of my time at the Trinitonian, I'll get to the point fast. Simply put, this column is a summary of and a reflection upon my four years at Trinity,...

Half a decade of pop culture: a look back at the last five years

Half a decade of pop culture: a look back at the last five years

Mason Walker April 17, 2015

If someone asked me to summarize my last five years, I'd have to take five hours to think about the answer. Five years? It's hard enough to remember what Lean Cuisine I heated up last night. The same is...

Best theaters in San Antonio

Mason Walker April 10, 2015

If movies are one of my true loves, then television is more like the distant mistress I call up every now and again. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed journeying away from the silver screen for my past two A&E...

A somewhat glee-less goodbye to “Glee”

Mason Walker March 27, 2015

Last Friday, "Glee" ended not with a bang but with a whimper. Okay, not a literal whimper; the show's final moments were filled with the typical blend of skipping, twirling and electronically processed...

Party in the “House of Cards” tonight

Mason Walker March 20, 2015

(Note: Spoilers for all three "House of Cards" seasons abound.) Continuing "House of Cards" after Frank Underwood won the White House was a ballsy move. Oh, sure, it makes sense fiscally; if they...

Awards Mania Roundtable: Oscar Prayers And Predictions

Mason Walker February 20, 2015

I think award shows are dumb. I am really sorry. I just think they're pointless at best and incredibly insulting at worst. They last way too long, the hosts can sometimes be entertaining but, like the...

Awards Mania: Why the Oscars do (and don’t) matter

Mason Walker February 20, 2015

When I watch the Oscars with my friends, the noise tends to frighten them off. Not the show's noise, mind you; my noise. From the first red-carpet starlet to the final shiny trophy, my co-viewers are subjected...

The beautiful side of on-campus senior living

Mason Walker February 20, 2015

There's an awful lot to like about being a senior here at Trinity. Due to your registration time, it's much easier to procure the classes you want. Due to your age, it's much easier to procure the alcohol...

The Valentine’s movies you don’t want to take a date to

Mason Walker February 15, 2015

When it comes to cinematic options on Valentine's Day, people's selections often fall into two categories. The first and most obvious category is the rom-com, the kind of Katherine Heigl-ian fizzy concoction...

Roundtable: Favorite Song Lyrics

Mason Walker February 13, 2015

I could hardly narrow these down! So here are three. Current favorite: a line from Stoney LaRue's "Look At Me Fly." "I'm high above the water now, never think twice/Look at me fly." These lines revel...

This year’s Grammys offer lots of “meh”, a little magic

Mason Walker February 13, 2015

If there were an awards show for awards shows, I'd totally give the trophy to the Oscars instead of the Grammys. Look, I don't DISLIKE the Grammys, and I'd certainly prefer them over the Adam Sandlerized...

How Sullivan shaped our world

Mason Walker February 8, 2015

When I'm bored at a bus stop or in grave danger of dozing off in class, my thoughts often turn to Norton Anthologies. I realize that this is the sort of topic that most people would ponder when  they...

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