illustration by Yessenia Lopez

Take heed: Television is fraught with time-taking tyranny

Nick Smetzer September 28, 2017

Maybe you've been there "” god knows I have. A pile of work lying at your side, but just enough time for a quick episode of my latest televised vice. I've done the math "” simple really. Of course...

photo by Amani Canada

Caroline Vout speaks on sex and power in Rome

Nick Smetzer September 21, 2017

Trinity University's Lennox Seminar lecture series kicked off at the San Antonio Museum of Art with a talk on sexuality in the Roman empire by Caroline Vout, one of the most prolific modern historians...

illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Concert cancellation; A Cashmere Cat-astrophe?

Nick Smetzer August 31, 2017

Trinity's annual Welcome Week concert is one of the largest events put on by the university. With performances from high-profile musicians, this event signals the kickoff not only to the academic year,...

photo by Chloe Sonnier

The merits of creative failure

Nick Smetzer August 30, 2017

Classes begin, and if you're anything like me, you can already feel yourself falling back into your old routines. Sleeping as late as possible before rushing to class, gravitating towards the same three...

Photo by Quinn Bender

Laugh it up, chucklenuts: Finding humor in the halls

Nick Smetzer August 17, 2017

One of my earliest memories at Trinity was attending an open mic night in the Skyline cafe hosted by the Trinity Review. It was a cozy space, filled with students of all years "” in fact, it was probably...

The slow death of the cinematic universe

The slow death of the cinematic universe

Nick Smetzer January 26, 2017

American legend Mark Twain was born in the year 1835, shortly after a long-awaited visit from Halley's Comet. Twain would later say that he believed that he would die with the comet's next passing, and...

Veganism isnt all its chalked up to be

Veganism isn’t all it’s chalked up to be

Nick Smetzer December 5, 2016

I'll be the first to admit that vegans get more flak than they deserve. Yes, there are some vegans who mistake having a dietary preference for having a personality; but what I've found even more annoying...

Another Medicine Levees EP Review

“Another Medicine” Levees EP Review

Nick Smetzer December 5, 2016

Levees is a San Antonio based band that, above all else, certainly strives to be unique. They describe themselves on their Facebook page as "desert voodoo blues rock," which strikes me as a bit too flowery;...

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