Author: Bobby Watson

Student groups hold gun control debate

To spread political awareness on campus, the Trinity University Forensic Society (TUFS) and the Contemporary, a student-run online publication that focuses on public affairs, hosted a debate over gun control. Tigers for Liberty (TFL) and Trinity Progressives (T-Prog) were asked to represent either side of the debate, each assisted by a Trinity debater. The groups have held similar debates in the past. “We decided to create a gun control debate because it is a pretty timely topic in relation to a lot that’s going on politically, and we thought it would be really great to sort of flush out...

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Broken glass raises concern

In the past semester Trinity’s campus has been plagued with cracked windows, shattered display cases and pathways littered with broken glass. From City Vista to Myrtle Hall to the Center for Science and Innovation (CSI), broken glass has been found both inside and outside facility buildings and residential living areas. “Almost every time I walk by the upper campus dorms, usually Lightner and Thomas, I see some broken glass by the sidewalks and just some trash in general. It’s usually cleaned up pretty quick, but it’s always near that path by the little cliff at Thomas,” said first-year Despina...

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The Contemporary hosts lecture on Syria

David Lesch, Ewing Halsell distinguished professor of history at Trinity, discussed his personal relationship with Bashar al-Assad — Syria’s head of state — and his work with the Syrian refugee crisis in a Nov. 9 lecture in the Chapman Great Hall. Lesch has authored several books on Al-Assad and done extensive research over the Middle East and Syria in particular. “We are speaking about Syria and its tragedy. It’s a beautiful country, with a beautiful people, with unparalleled historical treasures many of which have been destroyed. And it’s just a very very sad story,” Lesch said. “Estimates have ranged...

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United Way makes strides on campus

On Oct. 25, Trinity held a Super Nacho Hour on the Coates Esplanade. The event was a more grandiose version of the university’s weekly Nacho Hour in Coates University Center. This was one of many events in Trinity’s campaign to support the charity United Way. “Starting in the early fall through the end of the year, [United Way] has a county-wide campaign. They are partnering with various companies, institutions, academic institutions across the city, and actually [United Way] is essentially asking us to open a corporate campaign,” said Les Bleamaster, science facility manager of the Center for Science and...

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Trinity Review hosts Halloween-themed Open Mic

On this past Monday, in the Tigers’ Den, the Trinity Review held its annual Open Mic, an all-in-one scary story contest and a costume contest — both of which were voted on by the audience. The event was made to celebrate horror and gothic literature on Trinity’s campus, and to contribute to the Halloween spirit. The Trinity Review is Trinity’s literary magazine dedicated to collecting and celebrating literature, poetry and all other forms of literature on campus. At the event, different speakers presented their original horror stories, dressed as characters such as Jack the Ripper and provocative bunnies. “The...

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