Low midterm-elections turnout shape mayoral race

Tyler Boelts December 5, 2014

With the recent midterm elections over, the next up-and-coming political event will be the mayoral race in May of 2015. San Antonio offers a different type of race in which non-partisan candidates run...

Student Government Association discusses conflicts of interest among student organizations

Tyler Boelts December 5, 2014

Last week the Student Government Association came out with revisions to the undergraduate student body constitution and specifically ruled out conflicts of interest in positions on campus. Meetings and...

Photo by Jordan Leeper

Pamela Keel presents findings on emerging purging disorder to neuroscience students

Tyler Boelts November 21, 2014

Trinity neuroscience majors gathered together in the Center for the Sciences and Innovation on Nov. 14, 2014, to listen to Pamela Keel of Florida State University speak about the neurobiological evidence...

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