Author: Theresa Ho

TU focuses on the wrong housing issues

I finally started to read the Campus Master Plan this weekend. Fifty-six pages in, I am humbled by the obvious time and energy the Campus Master Plan Committee put into this document. As it is, Trinity University is a beautiful campus — green, lush and busy. Many of Trinity’s buildings are just as inviting. Take, for example, the Center for Science and Innovation building. Glass windows are everywhere, and while they provide an enormous amount of natural sunlight, they also make almost every lab and classroom visible to people in the halls. With so much transparency — literally —...

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Take care of yourself before all else

Trinity University wasn’t my first choice for college. I wanted to keep living in Denver, Colorado with my family, my dog and my endlessly patient boyfriend. So when I came to visit Trinity two years ago, I wanted so badly to hate this place and everyone around it. But the people were irritatingly nice, the campus was beautiful and the opportunities designed to enrich a student’s education were unique. Also, the chocolate chip cookies were delicious. So I started attending Trinity. Even after I started going to school here, I didn’t want to do much. Most of the time,...

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