For those ungifted with gift ideas


With Winter Break coming up, family members, friends and significant others might ask you what you want as a gift for the holidays. But when you’re not exactly sure what it is you want, you either don’t really care about getting gifts or the things you want are way too expensive for other people to give you. Both situations can make it hard to answer when asked what you want. Below are some suggestions of gift ideas that you could ask for when you have no other ideas of what you want.


Gift cards are a good gift because they allow the person receiving the gift to buy something that he or she actually wants rather than getting something that they won’t have any use for. Cards come in different amounts, meaning that the person giving the present won’t have to break the bank trying to get a nice present. There are also so many different types of gift cards. Some are specific to one company such as Starbucks gift cards, Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards. But there are also gift cards that serve as prepaid debit cards that can be used with any company and cards like the Visa gift card.


If friends or family ask you what you want for the holidays, you can always ask them to get you a practical gift. This ensures the person giving the gift that the recipient will appreciate and use it, rather than leaving it to collect dust somewhere. Maybe you need a calendar, a new cast-iron skillet to replace your rusted one or a nicely bound notebook. Another option is cheap clothing pieces, such as socks.


If not everyone you’re celebrating the holidays with is on board with doing a White Elephant —[gift exchange] themed party, and you don’t mind gifts that are not very serious, asking for a gag gift could be the way to go. Gag gifts can take the pressure off of getting the perfect useful present and can instead provide both the person giving the gift and the person accepting the gift a good laugh during the holidays. There are many different types of gag gifts and many different lists available online for gag gift ideas. Gag gift ideas include adult-themed coloring books, snarky mugs and sets of pre-made, passive aggressive notes.


If you’re not really interested in presents or still can’t think of anything that you want, consider asking people to make donations as a gift to you and your community during the holidays. This could be donating canned food to a local food bank, giving away household items like clothes and toiletries or donating money on a charity’s website. There are also so many charities that fight for many different causes, including medical research, environmental issues and social advocacy groups. And all these charities need support. Just make sure that before you ask people to donate to a certain charity, it is a legitimate charity that is well known and well documented.

Hopefully, these gift ideas helped provide some ways to answer friends, family and significant others when they ask what you want as a gift for the holidays.