Fall Semester Print Issue

You may notice the implementation of cover art and this paper’s booklet style, a design that strays from our usual print format. Just as the past two years have been anything but traditional, so is this paper. For our last print paper of the semester, one scheduled to be released during finals season, we wanted to offer campus a more magazine-style form of entertainment. A paper created to be used as a distraction from library study sessions, a Mabee mealtime companion, or a way to pass the time and let your mind wander between exams.

The year 2021 has been anything but stress-free, and during one of the most hectic times of the semester for college students, we hope our writers’ reflections aid in providing solace. Read about the true meaning of rest; about the benefits of finding creative outlets; about the history of holiday season sports.

You can also find Trinity community members’ personal stories featured in the next 15 pages, shedding light onto the lives of those making change on campus and in the world. Because as much as 2021 has challenged us and our traditional understanding of “normal,” it has also brought forth leaders in both thought and action that have guided us during and before the pandemic.

We wish you all a good, restful break, regardless of where it’s spent. Maybe you’ll even find yourself taking some inspiration from our staff on how to do that best.

12/3 Print Issue
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Fall Semester Print Issue