Students showcase everyday fashion

The stories behind students’ fashion favorites and interests

Our clothing says a lot about us. It tells people who we are and where we’ve been, so when you look around campus at all the different outfits and styles, you get to learn a little bit about all the different people that make up our campus.

While the clothes themselves tell their own story, you can get an even better picture of who the person is if you get to hear about the story behind their clothing choice.

Since it was one of those just-starting-to-be-fall days, pants and a top were the norm, but everyone did something different with them. Sophomore Dana Sheehan paired her wide-leg pants with an American Eagle top and a headscarf.

For first-year Grace Sundstrom, her pants were the statement piece in her outfit.

“I’m wearing a pair of crazy wide-leg pants. They have a checkerboard print on them and they’re brown, which is a color I’ve been loving for fall. I’m wearing my [Doc Martens], which are my go-to shoes, and a cardigan because it’s kind of cold outside,” Grace said.

For Trinity junior Sam Cole, on the other hand, the long sleeve black and red like diamond checkered sweater he was wearing made his grey cargo pants and white tennis shoes seem dressed up.

The three Trinity students got their stuff from all over. Dana recently got a wardrobe expansion from her grandma.

“So [my grandma] was like, ‘I have my entire life’s worth of clothing.’ She’s like, ‘dig through it,’ and so I literally grabbed a bunch of stuff and these pants are my favorite thing that I got from her,” Dana said.

Sam, like other Trinity students, has been into thrifting recently.

“I just recently got into thrifting a lot more because I started going to different shops and you can find better stuff than the ones that I used to be going to,” Sam said.

One staple throughout the outfits was that they all had some kind of sentimental accessory.

“This was like me and my older sister’s headscarf. And we would always do dress up when we were kids, and it was this stupid scarf and we would just tie it on everything. We would try and make outfits out of it when it’s really not big enough to make an outfit out of it,” Dana said.

For the other two students, their sentimental pieces were special pieces of jewelry. Grace’s piece was a gift from a family member.

“I wear this necklace every day. It’s from my mom, and it has a calendar and then there’s a little diamond on my birthday. I never take it off,” Grace said.

Sam’s pieces of jewelry, on the other hand, were strongly connected to his childhood.

“I’m wearing a ring that I got when I was younger. It used to have piano keys [painted on]. I used to play piano and then like all the black keys scraped off, but I still wear it. Then I have a bracelet that I got from New Orleans because my family and I used to go there a lot when I was younger,” Sam said.

Grace’s original style has an emphasis on the eclectic.

“I really like funky patterns and kind of crazy pieces. Anything that kind of has fun patterns that is a little bit out there I really like,” Grace said.

Sam is all about combining style and comfort.

“I like a classic casual style. I like to think that I wear nice clothes and stuff like that, but I don’t always dress up. So [my outfit] will look dressy and nice, but still comfortable,” Sam said.

Trinity’s campus is full of students with diverse and interesting outfits that all have their own unique approaches to personal style. Students are a testament to the idea that anyone can participate in fashion, simply by leaning into wearing what you love.