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Financial barriers of attendance lowered for SAISD students

Rachel Poovathoor October 21, 2020
New Trinity Community Investment partnership to make Trinity a more financially feasible option
Trinity temporarily goes test-optional

Trinity temporarily goes test-optional

Kendra Derrig April 30, 2020
Decision made to accommodate cancelled SAT and ACT testing due to coronavirus
Admissions aims for transparency with forum on race

Admissions aims for transparency with forum on race

Kathleen Creedon February 6, 2020
Panel of staff members acknowledges downfalls, encourages feedback from the community
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Admissions tool collects data on students’ lives before Trinity

Jolie Francis April 15, 2019
The environmental context dashboard attempts to contextualize students' lives to handle rise in applications
Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Office aims to increase diversity of class of 2023

Kaylie King March 28, 2019
Admissions raised percentage of black admits this year
TU staff reacts to nationwide admissions scandal

TU staff reacts to nationwide admissions scandal

Kendra Derrig March 21, 2019
Trinity alum indicted as ringleader behind mass college application scam
Singers of Wealth and Privilege

Singers of Wealth and Privilege

Thomas Harvell-Degolier March 20, 2019
How the latest college admissions scandal shows the undeniable privilege that wealthy students are given
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Admissions Staff Explain Role of Diversity in Admissions Events

Kaylie King February 21, 2019
Recruitment interns seek to have a variety of students on visit day panels
Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Large TIF crowd means all hands on deck

Jolie Francis September 29, 2018
Admissions office staff scramble to adjust event to accommodate nearly 700 visitors
Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

How Trinity plans to become more diverse

Jolie Francis September 29, 2018
For a school that boasts diversity, where is it?
Jeremy Boyce, coordinator of athletic recruitment and student success, helps prospective student-athletes find their place on a Trinity team — and find essentials like financial aid. photo by Amani Canada, photo editor

A day in the life of an admissions counselor

Maggie Lupo February 22, 2018

When you were a senior in high school, chances are you would have given a lot for a peek into the head of a college admissions officer. They are, after all, the enigmatic card-holders to your future life...

graphic by Liz Day, graphics editor

Faculty clarifies fixed scholarships

Cathy Terrace February 22, 2018

Trinity scholarships are determined before students enroll at Trinity. However, once scholarships are awarded to students, the amount is fixed, despite changes in tuition. According to Eric Maloof, vice...

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