Q: Do you have any specimens you took from the field?
A: Yes, absolutely! This is not a very gorgeous piece, but it’s a lava I collected in Iceland. Basically, we teach this course, we’re teaching it this spring, we’ve only offered it two times before, once in 2014 and one in 2018, so it’s not very frequent, and we meet in the spring semester once a week and we talk about all kinds of aspects of Iceland, not just the geology. Each student has to do a research project on what we are talking about that interests them and then we finish the semester; two weeks later, we meet in Minneapolis and we fly to Iceland ... we’re there for about 12-15 days, and we go all around the island. Students go finish their papers and then we go to the location of their research and talk to someone that is an expert in their field. So, for example, we’ve had students study a specific volcano, and we’ll get as close as we can to it. It’s a lot of fun.

TU Cribs: Don’t take these office hours for granite

Macks Cook, Pulse Editor September 30, 2021

Have fears of the unknown ever kept you from attending office hours? Are you nosy about the interests of your professors, but you can’t quite find a proper reason to sign up for a meeting with them?...

graphic by Liz Day, graphics editor

Council seeks to change Honor Code

Noelle Barrera March 22, 2018

The Academic Honor Council is considering an amendment to the Academic Honor Code that would reduce the severity of the most serious punishment for first offenses. The change would only go into effect...

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