‘Tis the season for staying healthy

‘Tis the season for staying healthy

As the weather changes and sickness spreads, learn how to stay healthy this holiday season
Karoline Beazley Reese, Intern November 18, 2022

It’s a chilly winter day, and you wake up to a familiar tingle at the back of your throat. Before you know it, you’ve gone through an entire tissue box and it’s time to go on another CVS run for...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

News brief: 10/2

Dana Nichols September 30, 2020
University plans for spring 2021 and offers flu vaccinations.
Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

We should wear masks when we’re sick, COVID or not

Gracen Hoyle September 23, 2020
Masks should have been normalized before the pandemic started as a way to protect those around you.
Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Health Services offers vaccines for upcoming flu season

Naomi Scheer November 15, 2018
So far, 86 percent more vaccines than last year have been administered
Recovery meals are offered to students once health services diagnoses them with the flu. Meals include.  Photo by Amani Canada, photo editor

Aramark, health services work together to help sick students

Bobby Watson February 15, 2018

Influenza strain A has been extraordinarily harmful this year in comparison to past years and has been highly contagious due to a lower rate of effectiveness of the flu vaccine. “Every day in clinic...

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