Northrup Post: From left to right:
Gavin Saunders, Zack Dudley, Robert Arsisga, Deven Kirpalani, Mattias Rytting , Morgan Ross, Sonya Patel, Elliott Huang, Molly Ruby, Camryn Sperling, Ellen Shippey, Jade Humphrey, Ivana Padron

Climate Changed takes over Trinity parking

Class addresses environmental impacts of parking lots with PARK(ing) Day
Eve Slemp, News Reporter September 28, 2023

Climate Changed, the first-year experience (FYE) class, participated in the global event, “PARK(ing) Day,” by occupying parking lots with informational stands, art and other creative ways to highlight...

Sophomore tutors experience FYE in-person for first time

Sophomore tutors experience FYE in-person for first time

Tutors face unique challenges after taking FYE online in 2020
Mikayla Mullin, Pulse Reporter October 28, 2021

This year's sophomore First-Year Experience (FYE) tutors are facing new challenges as they navigate the transition from online learning to in-person tutoring. FYE peer tutors are students that have...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Class of 2024 breaks records, faces challenges

Jake Perry August 27, 2020
The diverse and high-achieving group of first-years arrived on campus, already set apart by COVID-19.
Photo credit: Quinn Butterfield

Underclassmen cause majority of honor code violations

Jolie Francis August 30, 2019

Graphic by Quinn ButterfieldFirst-years and sophomores at Trinity have been the main perpetrators of honor council violations for the past few years. Specifically, about a fifth of the cases during the...

FYE prepares students for “A Successful Life”

FYE prepares students for “A Successful Life”

Kara Killinger August 24, 2019
First-generation and Pell-eligible students arrive early to get ahead
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Erin Hood to leave CELCS for new role

Noelle Barrera April 25, 2019
Assistant director of CELCS looks forward to future as a First-Year Experience teacher
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

TLC’s new writing program helps ESL students thrive at Trinity

Noelle Barrera March 3, 2019
FYE professor helps students who are learning English with writing for clarity
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

HUMA: The only FYE the university needs

Maddie D'iorio February 21, 2019
The First Year Experience is to teach strong writing and research skills, which is the bulwark of the HUMA class
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Author presents on feminism in China

Gabriella Garriga December 17, 2018
Leta Hong Fincher visited the "Being Young in Asia" FYE to educate on the subject of her most recent book
Photo credit: Julia Poage

Classes on diversity and social justice are necessary

Natalia Salas November 15, 2018

It’s no secret that the U.S. education system is fundamentally flawed in more ways than I can write in one or even thousands of columns. From our shameful teacher salaries to our overwhelming need to...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Reading TUgether book brings people together

Gabriella Garriga August 25, 2018
Author speaks to community to conclude first-year summer research on his book
photo by Stephen Somrall-Orsak

Committees choose FYE and Student Research awards

Gabriella Garriga April 25, 2018

With finals fast approaching, the library is beginning to fill with more and more students devoting countless hours to their final projects and papers. As the days drudge on, many may question why they...

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