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Improved student experience is at the core of retention

David Tuttle February 27, 2020
Trinity's dean of students, David Tuttle, provides insight into why retention rates are important and how the administration is working to improve them.
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Why I provide content warnings in my courses

Benjamin Stevens February 27, 2020
Assistant professor of classical studies Benjamin Stevens provides reasoning as to why he provides his students with content warnings for coursework.
Towers and Tigers

Towers and Tigers

Jacob Jankowski February 13, 2020
Why Dungeons and Dragons and the TriniD&D club are important to so many Trinity Students, including me
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Healthcare shouldn’t be a burden

Luke Eakin February 13, 2020

Illustration by Ren Rader Both of my older brothers, Caleb and Kyle, were born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that mainly affects the lungs. It can also affect other organs, such as the liver...

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Starting over … again and again

Margaret Miller February 13, 2020
Guest contributor Margaret Miller reflects on her experiences embracing new situations.
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Argument defines democracy

Benjamin Adams February 6, 2020
A response to Ben Falcon's "Why we should beware the 'Bern'."
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Even in mourning, we have to hold others accountable

Kathleen Creedon January 30, 2020
The importance of keeping in mind the survivor of his 2003 sexual assault case when reflecting upon the life of former NBA star Kobe Bryant.

Trinity should help combat homelessness in San Antonio

Ethan Crane January 23, 2020
Trinity has the ability to aid San Antonio's homelessness crisis using the residence halls that are vacant for approximately three months out of the year.
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From the new opinion editor: This is your forum

Kayla Padilla November 6, 2019
Extending an olive branch after a year and a half as a columnist
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Meaningful climate solutions demand substantial change

Ian Dill October 15, 2019
A rejoinder to Ben Falcon’s “Capitalism is the solution to the global climate crisis, not the cause”
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The market will not stop climate change

Carl Teegerstrom October 15, 2019
In response to “Capitalism is the solution to the global climate crisis, not the cause”
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Meditation beyond the hype

Malcolm Fox October 3, 2019
Timeless wisdom for the present moment
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