Photo credit: Noelle Barrera

Sex and the Saintly

Andrew Kinney April 25, 2019
Erotic mysticism throughout Christian scripture
Photo credit: Gabriella Garriga

Be strong and courageous

Kailey Deluca April 25, 2019
Some tips for living out your Christian faith at school
Julian Assange is a hero

Julian Assange is a hero

Gabriel Odom April 24, 2019
The arrest of Assange has widespread implications
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Love and homophobia can’t coexist

Steven Drake April 11, 2019
So stop pretending like it can
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

No, I will not sit back and “be cool”

Theresa Ho April 10, 2019
In response to Isaiah Mitchell's "A message from YCT president"
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

A case for a pedestrianized downtown

Aaron Feleke April 10, 2019
One solution to help many problems for the downtown district of San Antonio
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Arguing in defense of pro-life rights

Angelique Lopez April 3, 2019
A critique of Frannie Kennedy-Long’s opinion column, “Arguing in defense of pro-choice rights”
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Analyzing the history of the “Me Too Movement”

Gemma Smith February 28, 2019
The necessary (but lost) intersectionality of the Me Too movement
Lets talk about love (and sex)

Let’s talk about love (and sex)

Editorial Board February 7, 2019

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it's our Love and Sex issue. Last year, our writers wrote all about sex and not much about love at all. They delved into the culture around casual...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

“All You Need Is Love”? … and Ancient Poetry

Benjamin Stevens February 6, 2019

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut“All you need is love!” So shouts, and then sings, Ewan McGregor as the penniless but ebullient poet Christian in Baz Luhrmann’s frenetically swooning movie,...

Hildebrands culinary highlights

Hildebrand’s culinary highlights

Susan Griffith January 24, 2018

San Antonio's rich culinary tradition is by far one of its best assets. Luckily for Trinity students, some of the city’s most authentic and delicious food is mere minutes away on Hildebrand Avenue. From...

illustration by Yessenia Lopez

The caffeine-fueled search for your “˜third place’

Max Towers November 13, 2017

Last Thursday I arrived at the Alamo Quarry Starbucks, intent on getting my calculus homework out of the way. To the dismay of both me and my dead computer, every seat adjacent to an outlet had been taken....

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