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    JohnApr 30, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    North St. Mary’s is pretty dangerous for cyclists! My favorite safe biking route from downtown to Trinity is: From the Tobin Center, take Avenue B to Brackenridge Park (by the Witte Museum), then left on Tuleta past the zoo entrance, under 281, and then you’re at the Trinity Campus! For much of the route, you are either in the park, or enjoying the peace and nice scenery along the golf course.

    • A

      AaronMay 1, 2019 at 12:05 am

      Hey John! Thanks for you comment. I was the writer of this opinion piece. This is long to share my thoughts and experiences and address my opinion as a bicyclist.

      The lane configuration on Avenue B near the Pearl is very confusing for cars and cyclists. Last year (or the year before that), I witnessed a cyclist injured in the bike lane and ambulances at Avenue B and Newell Ave. My guess is that he was hit because a car drove in the bike lane. There was a quick fix (I assume because of this incident) for a while with construction cones and the barricade moved in closer to not allow cars to come in the bike lane. Also, the stop sign configuration is quite confusing. The two way cycle lane and the one way street on Avenue B have to stop for opposing traffic. It has always made me uncomfortable.

      Also, it sounds like you have to use Broadway to get to the Tobin Center and I usually avoid that area (although I have used that road many times). I believe there are too many traffic lights and too much car traffic. The N St Mary’s Route is mostly one car lane on each side, has slower traffic, and is easier navigate.

      There are advantages and disadvantages to both routes. For example, the N St Mary’s Strip is annoying when there are a lot of parked cars forcing cyclists on the center of the street and move back to the side of the road multiple times.

      Lastly, I am glad you know about Tuleta Dr. It is a route not used that much since Google Maps does not consider that bicyclists can use the pedestrian bridge near the zoo at Brackenridge Park to cross the river. Although E Mulberry is technically a bike route, I hate streets with one lane on each side with no shoulder and its high traffic levels.

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      AaronMay 4, 2019 at 2:10 pm

      Hey John! I I discovered the route you were talking about. Thanks for sharing. I never knew Avenue A and Avenue B continued past I-35 into downtown (although segmented). And to think that I rode on Broadway. Your route is definitely more comfortable and safer. Also, I discovered that Camden St and Newell Ave near the Pearl is also a way to cross I-35 to get into downtown. Thanks for sharing.

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