San Antonio is Underrated Color version

San Antonio: The most Texas that Texas has to offer

Emma Power, Opinion Columnist April 18, 2024

Growing up in Kyle, a suburb to the south of Austin, I was literally in the Heart of Texas. A short 30-minute drive could land (not including traffic) my family and me in downtown Austin to walk around...

Voting: What you don’t know will hurt you

Voting: What you don’t know will hurt you

Your fear is not an excuse for a lack of trying
Diya Contractor, Opinion Columnist April 27, 2023

Over the last few years, the political climate has been an actualization of my nightmares. From Kanye West’s presidential candidacy to heads of state trading making nuclear war threats via Twitter, the...

San Antonio restaurants that go green to save green

San Antonio restaurants that go green to save green

One challenge that many sustainable food businesses in San Antonio are facing is what to do with their excess food
Kate Klein, Intern April 20, 2023

From donating surplus food to churches to using biodegradable packaging materials or offering plant-based menu items, being sustainable can mean many different things. Many San Antonio food businesses...

A San Antonio guide to Mardi Gras

A San Antonio guide to Mardi Gras

Diving deeper into why and how to celebrate the holiday here in San Antonio
Kate Klein, Intern February 28, 2023

The first time I ever heard of Mardi Gras was in 2015, while I was visiting my family in New Orleans, Louisiana for a wedding and my parents took me to a store on Bourbon Street that was famous for their...

More than a march: Trinity celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Trinity community participates in 36th annual Martin Luther King march
Monica Martinez, News Reporter January 19, 2023

Monday, the Trinity community boarded buses to attend the 36th annual Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) march hosted by the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Martin Luther King, Jr. commission. This...

Ideas for winter fun

Ideas for winter fun

List of events and ideas for general fun to keep you busy when school isn’t
Spencer Schyma, Arts & Entertainment Reporter November 18, 2022

Around this time of the semester, burnout, abundant stress and precious little free time is a fact of life at Trinity, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what you're going to do with all that...

San Antonio sheriff investigates Florida governor’s migrant flight political stunt

San Antonio sheriff investigates Florida governor’s migrant flight political stunt

Javier Salazar holds Ron DeSantis accountable for flights to Martha’s Vineyard
Joshua Mitra, News Reporter October 27, 2022

Roughly 50 immigrants, primarily Venezuelan migrants, were flown out of the San Antonio airport to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular Massachusetts summer destination, on Sept. 14. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis...

Zombies descend on San Antonio

Zombies descend on San Antonio

For one frightful night, a group of the undead gather in downtown San Antonio to walk from Hemisfair to the Alamo
Adison Miser, Arts & Entertainment Reporter October 27, 2022

Last Saturday in downtown San Antonio, passersby might have thought a zombie apocalypse had taken over the city. This migration was none other than the San Antonio Zombie Walk, an annual event that supports...

Decorations in the Richardson Communication Center.

San Antonio’s spooky side

Halloween has taken hold of San Antonio and created a spooky atmosphere for everyone to enjoy
Emily Fisher, Pulse Reporter October 20, 2022

Getting into the Halloween spirit isn’t a difficult task in San Antonio. Whether you're a die-hard fan of horror or more family-friendly spooks, there is definitely an activity for everybody. Trinity...

Hide your pets, Fashion Week is here

Hide your pets, Fashion Week is here

Fashion week: friend? Or foe?
Diya Contractor, Intern September 22, 2022

With Texas Fashion Week (TXFW) being hosted in San Antonio from Oct. 1-7, excitement levels are soaring for what the designers have up their couture sleeves. This year, the show will feature various up-and-coming...

Parking Lot next to Laurie Auditorium.

San Antonio’s car centricity reinforces the Trinity Bubble

Students without cars on campus are limited in their opportunities to engage with the city’s culture.
Alejandra Gerlach, Managing Editor September 22, 2022

When Ella Charbonnet, New Orleans native and sophomore marketing major, first came to Trinity one of the differences she noticed between San Antonio and her hometown was the car-centricity resulting from...

Tapestries on display at the Centro de Artes Gallery

A duality of worlds: The Centro de Artes’ current exhibits

Hernandez and Montelongo are sharing their Latinx experiences in the U.S. through artwork
Spencer Schyma, Arts & Entertainment Reporter September 8, 2022

On the eastern corner of the Historic Market Square downtown sits the Centro de Artes, a beautiful two-story art gallery that dedicates itself to sharing the Latin American experience through Latino artists...

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