Animal Crossing players seek New Horizons

Animal Crossing players seek New Horizons

Kara Killinger April 9, 2020
Students are social distancing — and socializing — with the Nintendo Switch game
As classes Zoom on, tutoring follows suit

As classes Zoom on, tutoring follows suit

Kara Killinger March 26, 2020
Academic assistants weigh in on going digital
Porn (What is it good for?) Author talks desire

Porn (What is it good for?) Author talks desire

Kara Killinger February 13, 2020
Catholic Student Group brings speaker, considers effects of pornography
Kara Killinger
Photo by Genevieve Humphreys

In defense of making “bad” art

Kara Killinger August 29, 2019
Opinion: You don't always have to be amazing to create work that matters
FYE prepares students for “A Successful Life”

FYE prepares students for “A Successful Life”

Kara Killinger August 24, 2019
First-generation and Pell-eligible students arrive early to get ahead
Trinity summer scrapbook

Trinity summer scrapbook

Kara Killinger August 23, 2019
Students reflect on research and internship experiences at home and abroad
Photo credit: Julia Poage

The troubling effects of volunteer journalism

Kara Killinger November 15, 2018

When I first arrived at the University of Edinburgh for my semester abroad, I knew I wouldn’t have time to get involved in many clubs — or “societies” as they say here — since...

Photo credit: Kara Killinger

Memory vs. moments: Where’s the balance in life?

Kara Killinger November 1, 2018

This past weekend, I went on a student bus tour of the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. Each place the bus stopped could be a desktop background, which is probably why Kanye West and Harry Styles have...

Photo credit: Kara Killinger

Enchanted and disheveled

Kara Killinger September 27, 2018

I’m writing again from the kitchen of my flat because it has a few more windows than my bedroom and the natural light — along with a cup of aggressively mediocre instant coffee — is the...

photo by Kara Killinger Photo credit: Kara Killinger

We’re not so different, you and me: An introduction to Edinburgh

Kara Killinger September 11, 2018

So, I’m here! I made it! And Edinburgh, Scotland — surprise, surprise — is different from San Antonio. Here they say “sitting in or take away?” instead of “for here...

Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Live light, consumerism is exhausting

Kara Killinger August 29, 2018

I'm leaving for a semester abroad in Scotland this week, and I can only bring one suitcase full of clothing — no more, no less. I've lived out of a suitcase before but never for this long. As I...

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

Rock your first year; learn from my mistakes

Kara Killinger August 14, 2018

Hey, opinion section! I'm Kara, an incoming junior getting ready to send in some distant thoughts from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I’ll be studying abroad this semester. But before that, I want to...

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