Who’s that Tuttle in Thomas?

Marielle Anne Sambilay November 13, 2019
ResLife upper-division area coordinator calls this dorm hall home
Jackpot! Casey Fernhout finds purpose

Jackpot! Casey Fernhout finds purpose

Logan Crews October 23, 2019
Sophomore discusses her mental health progress and her involvement in multiple TU organizations
Photo credit: Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh

A very Herbie hobby: Sophomore describes Volkswagen obsession

Cate Coe October 3, 2019
Chris Knecht has adored the movies and the cars since he was three years old
Jackpot! Elena Negron writes the waves

Jackpot! Elena Negron writes the waves

Logan Crews September 5, 2019
Sophomore used writing to get through tense high school years, continues pursuing passion at Trinity
Asmara goes to Alabama

Asmara goes to Alabama

Kara Killinger May 2, 2019
Discussing sediments and sentiments with a future Ph.D. candidate
Aiden Burke unicycles to class every day.

Aiden Burke: the unicycle guy

Meredith Goshell October 11, 2017

Aidan Burke is a senior biology major at Trinity University and patrols Thomas 5th as the resident assistant. He also rides a unicycle to class everyday. Meredith Goshell: The obvious question: why...

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