Wemby struggles to support Spurs

Wemby struggles to support Spurs

Despite Wembanyama’s best efforts, the Spurs are once again in a lottery position
Scott Lebo, Sports Reporter April 18, 2024

Even though the San Antonio Spurs have long since been eliminated from competition in the NBA playoffs, there remains a certain sense of optimism around the team’s ongoing rebuild. Last year’s first-overall...

Tiger’s night out: An inside look at the Spurs’ game

Tiger’s night out: An inside look at the Spurs’ game

Trinity student gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Spurs vs. Trail Blazers game
Scott Lebo, Sports Reporter February 8, 2024

Trinity University held its annual Tiger’s Night Out on Friday, Jan. 20, where Trinity students could get free or discounted tickets from SGA to see the Portland Trail Blazers face the Spurs. It was...

Rosalie Leykum (left) and Claire Elliott (right) of Gamma Chi Delta

The battle on bid day: Spurs’ game vs. bid day

Bid day and Tigers Night Out fall on the same day and divide student attention
Monica Martinez, News Reporter February 1, 2024

Last Friday afternoon, the Coates Esplanade was filled with cheering, marking the end of another Greek life recruitment season with bid day. By night, 450 students cheered on the San Antonio Spurs and...

The Spurs’ struggle to succeed

The Spurs’ struggle to succeed

San Antonio slides despite Wembanyama’s skills
John Thweatt, Sports Reporter January 25, 2024

The 2024 NBA season had Spurs fans excited. With the recent draft pick of the S-tier prospect Victor Wembanyama, shivers of excitement could be felt throughout the Alamo City. Now, at the halfway point...

San Antonio Spurs face civil suit, investigation and backlash

San Antonio Spurs face civil suit, investigation and backlash

The release of Josh Primo incites controversy among the NBA team.
Joshua Mitra, News Reporter November 18, 2022

San Antonio’s most popular professional sports team has been facing waves of controversy following the waiving of one of their young stars. The Spurs are currently being sued by a former employee who...

The roster of the ladies in the SPURS in 1932

Spurring on: SPURS celebrates 90 years

Trinity’s largest and oldest sorority reflects on years past and looks to the future
Samara Gerstle, News Reporter October 20, 2022

Almost a third of the Trinity student body participates in Greek life, with ten sororities and seven fraternities on campus. The largest sorority, Spurs Sorority (SPURS), which claims 95 members, also...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Black History Month: San Antonio figures you should know

Kara Killinger February 27, 2020

Illustrations by Andrea NebhutAndrea “Vocab” SandersonB. 1981Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson is a singer, rapper and slam poet who has been performing across San Antonio for almost two...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Looking back at winners in the 2010s

Brian Yancelson November 19, 2019
Opinion: These are the best champions of the decade in sports
Photo credit: Ren Rader

Residential Life hosts Spurs Night

Megan Flores October 31, 2019
Students attend an early-season game at the AT&T Center
Then-sophomore Amanda Beekes (left) hugs then-first-year and new Spur member Jacki Bruce (right) on Bid Day in 2010 Photo credit: File Photo

Old traditions will meet new Greeks at Trinity’s annual Bid Day

Noelle Barrera February 7, 2019
Former and current Trinity Greek Life members explain what's changed, and what's stayed the same
Former Trinity athlete Hillary Hoffman now works for the Spurs Sports & Entertainment. photo provided by Hillary Hoffman

Trinity alumni discuss how sport prepared them for life post-grad

Hailey Wilson October 9, 2017

For some student athletes, life after sports is a scary thought. After spendings years and years at practices, conditioning workouts, games and team bonding events, it can be difficult to imagine life...

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