Tiger Breaks students at one of their planned service trips

Tiger Breaks and The Trinity Bubble

Gabriela Yeackle, Guest Columnist November 3, 2022

Gabriela Yeackle Logistics Coordinator for Tiger Breaks Junior double majoring in English and political science The Trinity Bubble. It’s something every Trinity student, whether newcomer or long-timer,...

Students pose with signs they made to protest the building of a chemical plant in a low-income neighborhood. Photo provided by Danyal Tahseen

Students travel, give back on Tiger Breaks

Maria Zaharatos March 23, 2019

Photo provided by Danyal TahseenWhen spring break comes around every year, Trinity students have many different plans, whether it is heading home, traveling or even staying on campus. However, a small...

Fall Tiger Breaks trip to Karnes City is cancelled

Fall Tiger Breaks trip to Karnes City is cancelled

Noelle Barrera October 19, 2018

This year, the annual Tiger Breaks — Trinity's Alternative Breaks program — which provides service-learning experiences for students during spring break — partnered with RAICES to plan...

Tigers give back on spring break trips

Tigers give back on spring break trips

Gabriella Garriga March 22, 2018

Normally, spring break does not invoke images of cleaning, recycling or sleeping on church floors. But some Trinity students participated in spring break trips that had them do exactly that. These students...

Experiential Learning revamps Tiger Breaks

Experiential Learning revamps Tiger Breaks

Gabriella Garriga January 31, 2018

Junior Susan Griffith stood in the frozen food aisle feeling hungry and regretting her decision to vote for lasagna. After spending all day cleaning up a New Orleans park, Griffith sat in the car for...

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