What to be thankful for: 2012 pop culture edition

Ho ho ho. Hello there, children. I hope you’ve been nice and not naughty, because it’s that special time of the year again: the time for the Trinitonian’s Thanksgiving issue.

Thanksgiving has historically been associated with early European immigrants feasting with their neighbors, the Native Americans “” a rare reprieve from the usual backstabbing, blanket giving and butchery. There’s also the association of families coming together, extravagant meals and rushed prayers. This holiday is also a moment to take a vacation from the bubble of our daily lives and to introspect and meditate on our lives and those around us.

In this hallowed year of 2012, each and every one of us is thankful (or should be thankful) for many things, both for ourselves and for others. Don’t forget that, however colorful or bleak your situation may seem, even if it seems like the end of the world (figuratively and literally speaking) “” there’s always something to be thankful for.

In the meantime here are, in chronological order, some notable events in 2012 “” admittedly, events in late 2012 “” that the people of Earth can be proud and thankful for, from America to Africa to Antarctica (all zero people there).

July 4 – The teams working on the Large Hadron Collider built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN, no idea why their shorthand is that) officially announced that they’ve found evidence that confirms the existence of the Higgs “The God Particle” Boson. Someone in the world must be thankful for this, right?

July 27 – The 2012 Summer Olympics. America won the most medals. Hurrah. “Team America: World Police” said it best when they said “America, fu [Editor’s Note: removed].”

Aug. 6 – The Curiosity rover, basically a car-sized laboratory, successfully landed on Mars. It’ll allow scientists to better assess and analyze the planet. For reaction, see end of Higgs Boson entry.

Nov. 6 – Regardless of political affiliation and ingrained personal ideological beliefs, everyone can agree that this nation is in a much better place now that President Obama has been reelected for another four years and a lot of progressive senators “” ones who believe in basic scientific facts and equality regardless of skin color, sexuality and gender “” were voted into office and same-sex marriage laws were passed in multiple states.
Oh wait.
That was a typo.
I meant to say that regardless of political affiliation and ingrained personal ideological beliefs, the time for bickering, regrets and shoving political opinions is over. Now is the time to start working together for the betterment of the country.

Nov. 7, 2011 will be a day that people generations from now will still be thankful for. The first appearance of Rebecca Black sent shockwaves throughout America and the world. The Internet was ablaze with discussion over the new pop sensation. There are some who are not thankful this year due to a lack of a Rebecca Black music video. Nicole Westbrook has come forth with a chicken soup (or is turkey soup more appropriate?) for those poor people’s souls. “It’s Thanksgiving” may not feature Rebecca Black, but classics features like doe-eyed girl, literal lyrics, over-produced visuals and crappy music are all here.

All Year – When a Trinity student was asked what she was most thankful for this year, her answer was chicken nuggets. There is no specific date in which one should thank their chosen deity for the existence of Chicken “The God Food” Nuggets. One must realize that it’s an everyday affair.