This weekend is about the bowl… the Puppy Bowl

As always, millions of Americans are expected to watch the biggest sports event of the year. Reporters from every major media outlet from “Good Morning America” to the Washington Post will be covering the immensely popular event. Along with the increased viewership is increased advertising, The stadium for this year’s game is, for the first time, featuring ad banners and, throughout the coverage on Sunday, will be referred to as the “Geico Puppy Bowl Stadium.”

I am partial to staying at home, surrounded by my best “” and only “” friends: Pawly D, Seà±or Perro and Charles Barkley; this weekend’s Puppy Bowl IX won’t be any exception to my rule. I can sort of imagine other people. I can also sort of imagine them being inclined to go outside and I am broad-minded enough to vaguely grasp the notion that they would want to mingle with other humans in a communal environment to watch the big game. What I am unable to comprehend is the fact that an organization would schedule a similar sports event at the same time as the Puppy Bowl IX or, more shockingly, that people would want to watch any other game.

The establishments selling football food staples are running all kinds of deals because they care deeply about their patrons having a wonderful weekend. (I hope my jaded views and unwavering spite towards corporations came through in the previous sentence.) After calling and visiting various locations, I realized that aside from the deals they normally run, there aren’t any deals specific to the Super Bowl weekend. It’s more than likely because food and drinks are requisite to a great party and people are more willing than usual to pay for items at their regular prices. For this one weekend of the year, the demand for pizza, wings and commercials becomes inelastic.

For those who prefer a different setting, a lot of bars and restaurants around campus and those littered around San Antonio now have TVs set up so their patrons can view various games. Locations that once seemed removed from the allure of sports like Grimaldi’s or P.F. Chang’s now have multiple TVs for watching various sports events. Puppy Bowl is not guaranteed to be playing on any of them.

Aramark, ironically enough, might actually be a cheap and legitimate source of your food needs this weekend. They’re offering various deals found on posters around Coates on large numbers of wings and pizza for the weekend.

TVs are, if you’re looking to buy one in the next day or two, one of the very few things that are cheaper than normal, with almost all retailers having some sort of sale. There is another exception: Papa John’s is giving away a free pizza for successfully guessing the coin toss in the “real” football game until Saturday, Feb. 2. PSA over.

If you need more convincing that Puppy Bowl IX is where it’s at this Sunday, then you are a horrible, cold-hearted person who must be impervious to even the cuddliest of cuddles “” but I digress, you monster. Puppy Bowl IX, in addition to puppies running around a miniature stadium playing football, will feature a kitty halftime show and a flurry of hedgehogs on the sidelines.

Regardless of whether you want to watch it at home with family and friends or watch it at an establishment accompanied by alcohol and screaming strangers, remember to have fun and stay safe.