Perfect picnic places around San Antonio

During this month of romance, bad poetry and lonely nights watching reruns, forecasters predict mostly sunny skies with temperatures averaging in the low 70s and high 60s. It is just hot enough to have a good time, and just cool enough to keep the mosquitoes away; in short, it is perfect picnic weather. Here are a few spots on and off campus that should satisfy anyone’s picnicking needs.

Frisbee Golf Course (on campus by the library)

While I mean no offense to the multitudinous members of the frisbee golf community, I think it’s fair to say that Trinity’s frisbee golf course is the most underutilized spot on campus. Located behind and to the right of the library, it offers an expanse that dwarfs the nearby Alamo Stadium in size and usually hosts no more than a couple of joggers, a bunch of large gray squirrels and somebody walking their dog. It’s a great spot to sit or to take a walk through the trees. You can also play some Frisbee Golf, though I’m not sure how. I think it involves some kind of metal bird feeder-like contraption sticking out of the ground”¦

Japanese Tea Gardens (3853 N. St. Mary’s St.)

Though this garden can’t seem to figure out where in the Orient it wants to be (I’ve seen signs that say Chinese Tea Gardens as well as Japanese), it’s certainly a pretty place to go. There are koi fish in the ponds, a trickling algae-covered “waterfall” and a lot of exotic plant life. The trail leads up a small cliff, where there are a few stone-covered spots to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Brackenridge Park (3700 N. St. Mary’s St.)

Brackenridge might be the spot to go to get your picnic grill on. Right next to the San Antonio Zoo, there are dozens of grills and stone benches clustered together for large groups amid flocks of ducks quacking plaintively for a bit of bread. If, however, a couple was looking for a quieter and less crowded picnic spot, there are 343.7 acres filled with riverside trails to explore or get some exercise.

McAllister Park (13102 Jones-Maltsberger Rd.)

Of all the places for picnics I’ve mentioned, this is the only one that actually requires any sort of driving. It’s about 15 minutes out, just past the International Airport. The reason it’s worth the drive is that, in addition to all of the picnic amenities, they have dozens of sports fields and a great bike trail. There are also frequent reports of animal sightings, ranging from rabbits to deer.