Letter to the Editor: Mistakes embarrassing, disservice to readers

Dear Editor,

As a professor who has also published in popular print media, I know that typos are inevitable no matter how many times an issue has been proofread: that’s just the nature of deadlines and of human fallibility. That said, the March 1 issue of the Trinitonian featured a truly unfortunate number of misspellings–on the very same weekend that top prospective students were visiting campus. It was embarrassing enough to have an above-the-fold headline that screamed “ASR starts process of ammendments,” but the errors continued throughout the issue (for instance, “requirment,””orginizations,” “beacuse,””specifiicity”–and this only gets us to page 3. I’m not even including “busses,” about which we may argue over a delightful beverage.)

The Trinitonian clearly needs to reform its work-flow in order to nab these typos earlier in the process: the present system does both readers and writers a disservice.

Thomas Jenkins is a professor in the classical studies department.