Ashley Harris – It’s the little things

The fact that I am currently writing this senior article scares me (especially with the lack of a wine glass by my side). My college years are over and life is ending, no matter how much anyone tries to convince me otherwise. $2.50 margaritas at Bay’s on Tuesday with Ellee and hungover Saturday morning trips to Sonic with Amanda and Mary will never happen again. Now before you think of me as a lush, let me give you some advice so you wee ones can enjoy these next years before your life crashes into reality.

1. Find friends who don’t make your life miserable. I have never been more thankful for the Betas, the Foxes, and the countless other people who have made every second at Trinity worth it. Find people who make every moment hilarious and make you believe the sun shines out of your ass. Sorry if that’s too mushy for some of my friends, but you do mean the world to me. I won’t mention my feelings again, I promise.

2. Drink Deals. Find them and plan your nights around them. If you plan on drinking, do so cheaply and not just at Bay’s or Revo. Instead hit up the Liquid Monkey for $4 Long Islands or Brass Monkey for $3 Cherry Vodka Sours. Your wallet and fun times can thank me later.

3. Take classes you will enjoy. This includes your majors or minors. These four years are your last to take classes you legitimately want to wake up for each day. Now not every class will be enjoyable (here’s looking at you, Research Methods) but each semester has time for one worth waking up before noon. I personally suggest religion courses.

4. Dating is complicated here. Don’t have a type and never let your beer goggles lower your standards. I understand every once in a while you spy a sexy member of the opposite sex across the frat party who is Trey Songz reincarnated, but they aren’t. Listen to your friends if they pull you off someone and be discreet if you plan on not listening. You will never live it down.

5. Explore outside the “Trinity bubble.” You can’t hear this enough, but San Antonio is one of the coolest cities if you actually explore outside of Bay’s. There’s the Pearl Brewery, the Frio River and the adorable town of Fredericksburg. Find Devon Rood, she is the one who convinced me to walk the entire Riverwalk. Take advantage of these opportunities; you will never have this free time ever again.

I know these aren’t life-changing statements, but listen to me. I am old, graduating, and want some kind of recognition before I walk that stage. You have four years to live it up. I suggest you do so wisely so you end up not wanting to leave college as much as me. And hey, XBE, thanks for putting up with my antics. Carry my legacy on wisely.