Noelle Parsons – Confessions from a so-called goody goody

I am a very sentimental person, and I cry easily. Because of this, I decided the only way I will be able to get through this article is by being funny””which I personally think I am. No one else has to like this, but you can be sure I’m laughing my head off writing it, which is really all that matters.

When I came to Trinity four years ago, I was determined to do college my way. I like myself and the choices I make, but I am very aware that my choices are by no means typical. In fact, they might be considered boring and lame. But you know what? I had fun in college. That is one thing I actually am sure about at this point in my life. No matter what you do during your time here at Trinity, make sure it’s what makes YOU happy. Honestly, my wish for all of you is to have memories that make you smile. Because smiling is my favorite (if you know that’s a quote from a movie, we should be friends. Just saying).

However, being a self-proclaimed “goody-goody” does not mean that I did not do some seriously embarrassing things throughout my time here. And, though I call these confessions, I am aware that I like to talk and have probably told a lot of these to people already:

1) I was an hour late to my Daily Life in Ancient Rome final my freshman year. I learned that day to NEVER put my phone on silent after turning off all of my alarms because it makes me miss the phone calls from my classmates. Oh, and I even missed the personal ROOM PHONE CALL from the classics secretary. Dr. O’Sullivan, I still love you for letting me take that exam anyway.

2) My latest nights senior year in college were spent either talking on T1/T3, watching movies or playing some heated games of James Bond “” all with the greatest friends.

3) I learned how to play beer pong in a theater class junior year. Also flip cup. Both with water.

4) I constantly told professors that I loved them during class. IT’S NOT CREEPY, GUYS.

5) Also regarding professors, I tended to treat my professors like they were my personal therapists. Thank you for letting me come talk to you about my life and for laughing at my jokes, Dr. Tynes. You’re the best.

6) Sometimes I was late to meetings/skipped random events in order to watch the newest episode of “Glee” on TV.

7) Freshman year I scared my roommate Rella because I lay in bed sobbing while finishing the Nicholas Sparks novel “The Last Song.” It was a Saturday night. I was emotional.

8) I constantly called my parents to tattle on myself for oversleeping or not doing well on tests. My dad finally told me to stop.

9) I have had my fair share of Justin Bieber music video mocking sessions and dance-a-thons in my dorm rooms. Sometimes party of one. Not ashamed.

10) Miller third hall”¦so many shenanigans. Love these people.  We rocked sub-free.

All of these embarrassing moments aside, I think the greatest part of Trinity is our universal willingness to accept each other, regardless of our differences. I was scared when I came to college because I did not want to feel pressured to do anything I did not want to do. I can definitely say that I have never felt that way because the people I surround myself with here let me be ME. If there is one thing I learned in college, it is how to be a more open and accepting person. We are all just trying to figure life out, so why not let people be who they want to be, right? Thanks for loving me, Trinity. I’ll never stop appreciating the wonderful friends, professors and staff here who have given me such happiness these last four years. I love you all so very much.

Noelle Parsons is graduating with degrees in human communication & ancient mediterranean studies.