Editorial: Remember November

It is a week into November, and what does the Trinity campus have to show for it? 2300 hundred students who are praying to the old gods and the new that they can make it to Thanksgiving, let alone survive an entire week of finals. Our campus is still under construction. Alamo parking lot still fills up and gives us something to complain about. We still pay too much money for this sort of nonsense blah blah blah our parents are still important. Mabee still serves questionable food, except for the cookies, which we still devour like the pack of depraved sugar monsters that we are. We still crush on each other via a Facebook page and still awkwardly avoid eye contact in every day situations because we still don’t know how legitimate a friendship formed over a keg in a dark, sweaty fraternity house can ever be. Basically, that’s November. The weather’s cooler. The nights are longer. Faces [and some legs!] are hairier. And we are rapidly approaching the too-burnt-out-to-care stage of the semester.

Well, get ready, friends, because we are about to change that “burnt out” to “turnt up” (that was really terribly, and we are eternally sorry for printing it). This campus is about to get its second wind. Exciting things are happening around Trinity in the next six weeks. Heck, exciting things are happening around Trinity in the next five days.

First of all, registration starts on Monday. So, if you’re a graduating senior, now is your time to shine. You finally have the credit hours to have a decent registration spot, so you will finally get into Intro to Film Studies and Peoples of Russia. Victory is indeed sweet. If you are a first year or a sophomore, registration will trap you in a glass case of emotion. Classes will go from “open” to “closed” to “waitlisted” at such speed and randomness that registration will begin to feel like an academic Whac-A-Mole.

As you successfully navigate the rough waters of registration, you will simultaneously have to vote for a new class of ASR senators, or, as they will shortly be called, SGA representatives. Incidentally, you will also need to vote to approve this change. ASR elections begin the same day as registration (Nov. 11) and last until Nov. 22. Check back in with the Trinitonian next Friday to read our ASR election guide.

Finally, there is a dean of students perched somewhere high above the Coates University Center in his new, open and airy office scouring this newspaper for signs of a cool event that is about to descend upon the university. We are, of course, referring to the Rock N’ Roll marathon that is set to take place a week from this Sunday. A mile of the race will run through Trinity’s campus, and a whole host of Trinity departments and organizations are prepared to cheer the runners on. Again, we suggest that you check back in with the Trinitonian next week for a complete rundown (we are killing the puns today, right?) on the event, including what to bring, when to arrive, where to park, where to stand, how to cheer””the whole enchilada. And, speaking of foods we’d like to be eating right now, if you come cheer on the runners, you will be eligible for a free taco breakfast in Mabee after the runners pass through campus.

And if breakfast tacos can’t get you turnt up, then we don’t know what to tell you. Happy November.