Editorial: Vote, eat, drink and cheer

If you can’t find something to do on Trinity’s campus or in the surrounding neighborhoods this weekend, then we can only assume that the folio shelves in the bottom of the library closed on you a couple weeks ago as you frantically tried to look up an article about cloning in a TIME magazine from 1997 and you have been stuck down there ever since.

You missed all the posters out punning each other as they battle to convince you to vote for one senator-hopeful over another. You missed the clean-up crews and new signs spiffing up campus in preparation for the thousands of runners who will pass through Trinity this Sunday.  You’ve missed our continued efforts to give away gift cards from local restaurants and establishments in order to increase your participation in San Antonio culture. Well, person who’s recently escaped from the folios in the library basement””and anyone else who’s curious about some goings-on in the next couple of days and weeks””here is a crash course.

First, the Association of Student Representatives is at the end of their elections. Both the presidential and the vice presidential candidates are running unopposed, so there’s not a lot of impact left to make there. However, for the first years among you, there is quite a bit of impact left to make. Thirteen of you are running for ASR positions and only four of you will be elected.  It’s time for some democracy in action, friends! No matter your class, check out our ASR Election guide on pages 7-9 to help you make an informed decision.

Second, this edition of the Trinitonian is our annual Food and Drink issue. Don’t have a car and still want to eat out? Don’t want to eat out but don’t want to eat Mabee food? Want to make food inspired by your favorite T.V. shows?  We’ve got you covered. See pages 12-14 for the details.

Finally, and you seriously must have been trapped in the folios to have missed this bit of news, the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon and half marathon runs a mile through Trinity’s campus this Sunday.  Nearly 100 Trinity students, faculty, staff and alumni will participate in the race. Most of the surrounding streets will be shut down, and several departments and groups are gathering at different points along the Trinity route. Sort through all the madness by reading our handy marathon guide located on pages 15 and 18. On pages 16 and 17, you will find a poster outline, perfect for cheering on your favorite runner.  An inspired idea, we know.