American Horror Story: Maddie edition

Last Wednesday, the fourth season of American Horror Story came to an anticlimactic end leaving all viewers wondering one thing: what’s next. Every season the show takes place in an entirely new universe, with different monsters, locations, and characters, but keeping a core cast.

Because of criticisms involving the repetitiveness of past seasons and the conclusion of Jessica Lange as a leading lady, show producer Ryan Murphy has promised a total reinvention of the show.  Nobody is totally sure what this means, but here are a few predictions for American Horror Story Season 5:

AHS: Little To No Shock Value

If Ryan Murphy really wants to wow everyone with this extreme makeover: AHS edition, one good idea would be to tell a whole story without depending on the absurd or disturbing to move the plot along.  It could focus on an incest-free family who occasionally have their little spats, but ultimately realize the good in each other and always end the episode with some homemade meatloaf.

Or maybe it’s the story of a rising actress who uses her intelligence and talent to further career and never once considers “selling off” or “poisoning” all her competition.

It could tell the tale of a man suffering from a mental illness in a psychiatric hospital, but instead of exposing hoards of Nazis, aliens, and serial killers, he works on bettering himself and readjusting to the world.

AHS: Story Arc and Character Development

Let’s say Ryan Murphy decides to keep the weird, gory sex stuff.  That’s fine. But, he also decides to assign the writers the little task of writing a well-rounded script. Crazy, right?

He could potentially complete the harrowing task of creating characters with ideas and missions at the beginning of the season and eventually, through hard work

and dedication to their cause, miraculously reach some point of completion and finale.  I’d imagine each member of the cast would develop conflicts that they would eventually overcome completely by the end of the season.  All gaping holes in the plot would eventually be filled and the viewers would understand from episode one what ultimate goal needs to be completed for the season needs to be over.

It wouldn’t be just a bunch of strung together with given ill-thought out and rushed endings that make absolutely no sense and leave the viewer feeling cheated and alone.

That would be insane.

AHS: Westminister Dog Show

When you need a quirky cast of attractive characters, your only real option is to hire a team of dogs.  I imagine the show taking place during the months of training before the world’s most important dog beauty pageant. Viewers will be guessing for weeks who will be crowned Supreme Dog.

There will be intricate theories and complex fanfictions from demographics who either support the show or just love watching dogs onscreen.

Obviously, there will be a disturbing, yet sexually charged love story between a street-smart Yellow Labrador (played by Evan Peters) and a pish posh Long-Haired Chihuahua (played by Emma Roberts).

Also obviously, a rivalry between Sarah Paulson as a Corgi and Angela “the Hound” Bassett as a groomer will culminate over the course of the season and sorta sizzle out by the end.