Spring break is great

So it’s time for spring break. Your friends are sharing their travel plans””beach trips, going home, whatever””but, for any number of reasons, you’ve ended up staying in San Antonio for this much-needed holiday.

If this prospect seems like cause for despair, don’t worry! You’ll be surprised by how many things you can do in and around town; here are a few suggestions for making the most of your San Antonio spring break.

There’s an incredible variety of events during our spring break. You can almost always find some great live music, so keep an eye on the lineups for venues like Sam’s Burger Joint, Floore’s. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing indie folk rockers Quiet Company and country singer Gary Allan, among others. No matter your taste, you’re sure to find some good music!

Beyond concerts, watch out for events in the city. Spring break has great timing: the St. Patrick’s Day Festival and River Parade will happen on March 14 and 15. It’s a free event with plenty of food and live music, and””spoiler””the San Antonio River turns green.

City sports are picking up, too. After a long, long month, the Spurs will return from their rodeo road trip on March 4. Now that you have all this time on your hands, you have a perfect opportunity to see the greatest team in the NBA (do not argue with me) in action, since they’ll be playing almost every other day during spring break.

If the price tag of Spurs tickets alarms you, though, you might as well check out a Rampage game. Tickets are cheaper, and let’s be honest: hockey can be even more exciting than basketball. If you’ve never been to a hockey game, go watch the Rampage. Excellent entertainment.

I’ve also got some suggestions for outdoor exploration. The San Antonio Zoo is always good fun, and if you’re campus-bound, it’s just a quick walk away. Plus, the weather shouldn’t be TOO hot over spring break, so the animals will probably be active.

Another iconic San Antonio activity is hiking or biking the Mission Trail. It’s easily accessible from the Riverwalk, and the city now offers B-Cycles that you can use for a small fee. The Missions””former outposts of the Spanish missionaries””are beautiful remnants of San Antonio’s history, so take advantage of a day with good weather and explore.

If you’d rather get out of town for outdoorsy activities, you can check out any one of the plethora of state parks in south Texas. One of my favorites is Lost Maples, which is about an hour and a half outside of town; the hikes aren’t difficult, and the scenery is gorgeous. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet hiked Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, it’s time you explored this massive granite icon of the Texas Hill Country.

Spring break is also a good time to try something new, since you won’t have the usual load of homework and meetings. You could explore Southtown, find a new favorite restaurant or music venue or go to a part of the city you’ve never seen. For the former, I’d suggest checking out the salsa dancing at Latin American restaurant Azuca (if you’re over 21); for the latter, I recommend Woodlawn Lake, a lesser-known beautiful San Antonio spot on the West Side. Take advantage of your week