There is a reason everything happens

As the semester begins to wear down, I can honestly say that I did NOT think that Trinity would have woven a spot in my heart as it has seem to do. I’ll admit that I wasn’t completely gung-ho about spending four years at Trinity. I had sights on other places and I thought I knew what was best. To make matters worse, transitioning into college life was more difficult than I had prepared myself for. Freshman year was a bit of a struggle with trying to get into the swing of academics and college athletics. As I spent more time here, however, things got progressively better.

One of the areas that initially sucked, but turned out amazing, was basketball. Let’s just say that first-year basketball season was rough. We won approximately nine games. We had morning workouts. We also had other issues. But, by the time I was a sophomore, it all started to look up. We rocked a Conference Championship with our new head coach Cameron Hill. I applaud him for him for getting rid of morning practices.

The following two years we’ve played for championships as well.  But through it all, I have obtained a second family. My fellow TUWB sexy Tigers are indeed, and will always be, my sisters. [You really share no bond like that of your teammates.]You endure the mental and physical highs and lows together, and from them, you make long-lasting memories. In two words: New Year’s Eve. So for this, I thank Trinity, because without it I would not have had the opportunity to befriend those girls.

I also got the hang of school. My last two semesters have forced me to work in tons of group projects. By doing so I gained many  friends as well as future business contacts. Clear View and Alpacalypse Ranch for the win! I took random classes that I appreciate more than the classes I had to take for my major. Who would have known that that opera class would have led me to open up an opera station on Pandora or that the women and gender studies class I took for credit would leave me passionate about social issues or even that I could have an in-depth conversation on the matters of Judaism?

My freshman seminar with Dr. Tarango was also one of my favorites. Sharing experiences with the same groups of classmates for over four years have also given me acquaintances and experiences that I am extremely thankful for. The professors, well most of them, have been supremely awesome as well. They make the Trinity experience a special one.

I can’t say that I’ve gotten the hang of life quite yet but like everything else, Trinity has done a good job of getting me where I need to be.

As I reflect back on it, I can see that God had a plan for my life. He knew where I should have been and He placed me here.

I have received lifelong friends, tons of hilarious memories and a pretty rock-solid education. So again, thank you TU. I’ll miss you.