How to survive Bid Day


Bid Day is the magical time of the year when all potential sorority and fraternity members accept a “bid” from a Greek organization, run to the fountain at 3 p.m. to scream, jump and take selfies for about an hour.  

To avoid any unwanted auditory and emotional suffering, here are some tips for how to survive Bid Day as a non-Greek:


Potential new Greek Life members will begin receiving their bids from the Witt Center at 3 p.m. Once they’ve been given the symbolic piece of paper, they will be rushed to the fountain and greeted by their new family. This will all last until about 4 p.m. when pictures are done and the clubs retreat to commence various nighttime activities. A good plan might be to just get off campus during this time.  Go catch a movie, get coffee with friends or transport yourself to a private island for the weekend.  You’ll be doing your ears a favor.

Watch the Events from a White Lawn Chair

For some people, Bid Day is one of the happiest days of their lives.  Those people ought to be watched like zoo animals from a safe distance.  You and some friends might as well cozy up near the fountain and see how humans act when they feel free of all social pressures and can return to their animalistic natures for a few fleeting moments.  You could probably do some sort of social sciences study out there. Type up a grant over the weekend. You can go far, kid.

Create Your Own Fraternity/Sorority the Night Before

This one’s a little risky and could be difficult given your limited resources and the fact that Student Involvement will definitely not recognize you as anything more than a group of buds with a weird nickname hanging out, but it’s worth a shot.  Instead of sociability, you could focus your organization around love of the color magenta or ability to play the kazoo. This way, you can be in on the fun, but not have to actually commit to anybody. Who wouldn’t want to fully commit to a kazoo, though?

Run Up to the Fountain Like You Got a Bid

Just run into any group, begin hugging random people while saying “I have been so excited to get to know you!” and cry profusely. It would be absolutely hilarious. The important part is to match their enthusiasm almost 120%. Make them question if they know you or not. Make them feel awkward and guilty over never meeting this clearly excitable new member. See how long it takes until you learn all of the clubs’ secrets. Make note of your new knowledge. Send it all in to the Trinitonian.