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Trinity trends: What’s hot and not on campus

A Trinity student models the popular Birkenstock sandal. photo by STEPHEN SUMRALL–ORSAK

Every community seems to have its own fashion trends, and the Trinity community is no exception. Birkenstocks, baseball hats and Greek life shirts seem to be dominating fashion trends at Trinity this year. Several students shared their thoughts on these current trends.

Students seem to agree that Birkenstocks are very popular at Trinity.

“I have a pair and I love them,” said Julianna Rak, sophomore political science and Spanish double major. “They are so comfortable and go with any outfit.”

Ashley Eads, sophomore business and psychology major, agrees that Birkenstocks are popular at Trinity, but holds a different opinion about them.

“Of the trends you mentioned, the only one I personally dislike is Birkenstocks,” Eads said. “I realize their main appeal is that they’re comfortable, but I just can’t get past the whole socks-and-sandals thing.”

Several students also agree that Greek shirts are very popular at Trinity.

“Greek shirts are just a result of most of the student body being part of a sorority or fraternity,” said Chelsea Rodriguez, sophomore English major. “It’s like a graphic tee in the way that it draws attention to you and seems to get people interested I guess. It’s kind of like advertising yourself too. If multiple people are wearing their Greek shirts from different sororities or fraternities, then they have a reason to connect and start conversations.”

“Fraternity and sorority shirts are a point of pride for their organizations,” Eads said. “I personally don’t wear any of those trends, but I will start wearing my letters once I get them.”

Baseball hats were identified as another clear trend at Trinity, primarily because of the protection that they offer from the sun, but also because of style versatility.

Ethan Courtman, sophomore mathematical finance and environmental studies double major, explained why he thinks certain trends are common at Trinity.

“Usually, these trends are popular because they are some combination of comfortable and unique, meaning they make a person stand out but not too much, like the Greek shirts,” Courtman said.

Eads and Rodriguez not only reflected on current trends at Trinity, but also how these trends compare to what they witnessed in high school.

“I see a variety of different styles here, much more so than I did in high school,” Eads said. “The main fashion trends at my high school were a lot less diverse than they are here. Girls would usually wear a couple different styles but across the board everything was mostly the same. They guys were even more so, with their polos and pastel khakis.”

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